BLACK KITTENS MATTER!!! Owen is looking mighty handsome these days.

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Caturday is here once again for all you #catsofsteemit lovers out there in the Steemian world.

Today on this fine Caturday I'm featuring Owen. Who was looking mighty handsome today. Owen is one our big fat fluff balls. Some of you might remember Owen almost died several months ago from a severe urinary track infection. Today he is looking just as happy and content as his fat little black fluffy kitty cat heart could be.

Fun fact! They say people don't like black cats because they are hard to take photos of. It is true! Having four black cats it is REAL hard to take decent pictures of all of them. Especially during the rare times that I can get a picture of all 7 of them in one picture.

As a cat lover, two and a half years ago I started the #blackkittensmatter movement for ALL the black kitties everywhere that aren't getting loved. So if you have a black cat or kitten(s), or you are a black cat like @curatorcat, when you post their kitty pictures up on Steemit don't hesitate to use the BLACK KITTENS MATTER tag.

If we can start a #catsofsteemit movement here on Steemit, then why can't we start a #blackkittensmatter movement too???

Thanks for looking and have a happy Caturday!!!

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I will keep #blackkittensmatter tag in mind from now on. Betty can look forward to more exposure on steemit :-) Owen is one handsome dude.... :-)


Thanks Mike! I remember Black Betty. She always reminds me of that Ramjam song HA HA.


Yeah me 2.... Betty is doing very good. Scary Mary and all her 5 kids have great appetites. No prima donna's in the bunch.

I used to have a black cat named Elvis