🎇PhotoB&W - My own very cute pet, "Muning"

in blackandwhite •  2 years ago  (edited)


This my cat from #philippines, "Muning" when i was in our place i take the opportunity to take this dramatic shot with my brother's Cannon DSLR camera. I kept her eyes like that to preserve her natural cuteness..

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Amazing photo and you have really sweet cat..

@gerryk , yes, thank you very much

Neko or cat, the best pet.

@cloudspyder , you said it man..

very cute cat..

@piyushkansal , sure it is, thanks

Wow blue eyes

@elizahfhaye , big blue cute eyes.. thanks bro..

We have also a white cat in philippines we call it angel😂 but she is already dead 😕. Now we have an orange cat and his name is tiger hahaha 😂 Still alive

@smokinglems condolence for that, at least you have another cat, good for you.. thanks bro..

Beautiful cat and amazing photo!

@mihainegurici , absolutely yes, thanks man

Blue eye attract the most

@chandankumar007 , yes indeed.. thanks man