The Riot Stand Up Comedy Show in Houston Texas

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On our first trip to Houston, Texas, Leonarda & I hopped on over to Rudyards Houston to a sold out show produced by a great producing team known as the The Riot Houston!

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It was a fun night in Houston. We initially stopped at a hotel off the highway ten minutes away from the venue but upon checking in and seeing the room, Leonarda, the crazy Albanian comedian, and I left in a hurry for greener pastures. Luckily we were able to find a very nice hotel for the same price about an extra ten minutes away. And here is the crazy thing: The new hotel SERVES BREAKFAST! If you've traveled across the United States over the last year or so you'll notice that nearly all hotels have stopped offering breakfast options with their FULLY priced rooms due to COVID. In all reality it is just about cutting cost! Hotels and certain businesses have discovered that they can offer half the services and without much complaint. I rant a little so I'll move on now.

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Anyways, the night opened with Brian Gendron hosting and getting the crowd nice and warmed up for a night of laughs. Then came Drew Jordan who got the crowd prepared with his awkward style of comedy. And then came my favorite comedian, LEONARDA JONIE! Leonarda really got the room going! With her dark humor, sharp wit, and political and societal analysis she made her name known in Houston.
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If you've never experienced Leonarda play with the crowd, you are missing out! The Riot ended up asking Leonarda to perform again at the later show the same night, and of course she killed again!

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The night was rounded out with comedian Brendan Gay who performed a 40 minute set much to the delight of the audience. All in all, Rudyards Houston was given a treat with the mix of local and out of town talent that blessed them with guttural laughs and fun times.
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I got called out last time around I posted in the #blackandwhite community & for participating in the #monomad challenge for turning in photos that were not truly #blackandwhite (As I SHOULD). So this time around I made sure the photos were in #blackandwhite. This was my first time playing with true #blackandwhite #photography and I'm pretty happy with the results. I do see where my shots and exposures could be better, so I'm looking forward to progressing in this field of #photography.

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