Winter and Summer

in blackandwhite •  7 months ago

Amazing what 6 months, sun and rain can do.
This is the Perennial Garden at the Alaskan State Fair I shared.

It was part of my seven day black and white challenge I never finished, I just couldn’t finish it without finding something I actually loved.
So here is the summer version filtered black and white, the winter version isn’t filtered by the way.


The gate to the garden


Here is proof I was there, in the rain.

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I have not been following you very long, but I see a pattern emerging. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the rain?

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No, not a lot in the rain. But it was opening day at the Fair. We got in for $2 each, verses $15 for adults 13 yrs plus and $10 for children 6-12 yrs.
It hasn’t rained like last year, that was a bad rain year. The chicken yard never dried up and turned into 6” of swishy goo. The year before it was dry, this year it’s been both dry and squishy. We are heading into the wet season, fall.