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My name is?? Oh wait!! I don’t have a name.

I was born three months back along with five other siblings. My all siblings were brown and I was the only one born with black color that always made me think that I was different and special among us all. My home was in an old building where we had our own room, it was small but I don’t know why it stink a lot as I could feel the rotting smell in my nose while lying down next to my mother. Our tiny room didn’t have any doors and it was filthy; but I was happy that we had a room. She (my mother) used to take care of us so well, feeding & caressing most of the time.


My mother used to wrap up close & tell us stories about different and vivacious things present in the world and also she told us we could come along with her when we are big enough. My heart filled with joy thinking one day I will be able to experience all the astounding things of this world.

Yes! Yes!

‘’ I want to see this beautiful world.’’

It has been a month, and today I decided to go a little farther and explore the place. Outside our home, there were green trees and grass. It was for the first time I sniffed the flowers, saw so many colours that were beautiful. I even tried catching a butterfly but she was faster than me. I thought to myself ‘’when I grow up I shall be as fast as her.’’


Suddenly, I felt someone’s hands around my body. There was a little boy standing close to me, staring in surprise and happiness. He kissed me & said something then grabbed me with his hands & started walking. I was feeling scared & asked myself ‘’Where is he taking me?’’

‘’NO! NO! Wait! I am not supposed to leave my mother. She will get worried.’’

I wanted to tell the little boy that I am too weak and tiny to go out & tried hard to free myself but failed.

He brought me to his home and gave some milk in a bowl. It tasted different from my mother’s milk but I was hungry.
I couldn’t sleep & was thinking for my mother, brothers & sisters all the time. I wish to go to them, this place is nice and tidy but I feel sad without them.

Can I tell this boy to bring them too? Lost in my thoughts, thinking what to do now, I heard some noise, it was him (that little boy) coming towards me, he said something but I wasn’t able to understand a bit of it. I could see tears rolling down his cheeks.

He brought me out of the house and started walking on the pavement. ‘’So he understands me, he’s going to put me back to my place where I belong’’. I felt bad leaving him but at the same time I wanted to see my mommy. The thought of going back home perked me up.

I shall come to meet this boy when I grow up and become stronger but right now my family is the only thing I need, it has been just five hours and I already miss them.

‘’What’s this place? It’s big & crowded having so many big & small green trees & shrubs, more than my home place.’’ He put me on grass and started going back; I was scared, so much scared.

Is he leaving me? It will be night soon and it’s so cold outside.

‘’Please wait!! Don’t leave me here. Take me to my mother I beg you.’’ But I think he didn’t hear me in noise and left.

‘’What I should do now? It’s cold and I don’t know anyone out here.’’ Whole night I kept on shivering lying under a bench, crying & thinking ‘’what wrong did I do to upset that boy?’’ ‘’Will my mother be able to find me soon?’’ Will I ever be able to go back to my home?’’I was missing the warm touch of my mother like never before.

Oh look! Sun is out; I could feel the warm sun rays on my face, felt so well. After all those cold windy air and jaw dropping temperature, it was such a relief to my frigid body. I had to look a way to go back home and after struggling on roads, knew it won’t be an easy task. No matter how many routes I took, they all looked same. I was cast adrift in a land full of strangers.


‘’Hey you! Slow down, please, listen to me. I am starving, take me home or give me something to eat.’’ I guess no one is able to hear me. Should I try once more? There I see an old lady.

‘’Please! Lady take me home, I need food. Can you share that bread?’’ I whimpered, she smiled at me and gave a loaf of bread. I sniffed and it was good, but how am I supposed to eat it? I licked and broke a piece with saliva and gulped it. I felt so chuffed; much of my hunger & pain was gone.

Today, it has been four days since I left my home and with each passing day I was losing the hope of meeting my family. ‘’Starved, feeble & petty creature like me can’t compete in this world’’.

But I have to fight, fight in this strong, fierce world for my survival and get back to home as soon as possible.

Do you want to know if I reached my home safely or not?

I shall continue my story in Part-2.

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Congrats! and very nice story! love it!


Thank you so much

So the little pup gets picked up by one of those stupid little boys and gets taken away from his family. The Mom is like "Sheesh! thats a stray puppy, Leave it outside".

Kindda reminds you of the little rat in Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"