Increased referral bonus from Bizzilion

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Increased referral bonus from Bizzilion for users having deposits of 0.3 BTC and over !


The company appreciates productive work and always rewards special efforts. For our most active partners, earning on investments and referral program at the same time, we've added a special bonus. By properly balancing your work you can significantly increase your income.

Each partner, whose active deposits in total amount to 0.3 BTC and more, will automatically receive a representative referral bonus. Thus, your bonus for 1st level referrals will be increased by 4%. Please note that when you have the amount mentioned, the increased bonus is accrued without a prior submitted application and approving you as a representative. Take advantage of the new available option!

The representative bonuses for each plan:

  1. Sports Broadcasts: 16% -3% -1%
  2. TV & Movies Broadcasts: 18% -3% -1%
  3. Game Streaming Broadcasts: 20% -3% -1%


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