How to become an investor

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The investment has one name, its definition is to make a profit with relatively less means, mainly financial. If we can earn 11,000 dollars out of 10,000 dollars, this is “some sort of” investment.


Of course, investments can be profitable. Paradoxically, there are also investments with losses, when we did not make a profit from the principal amount and incurred losses.

How to become an investor


Theoretically, only certain financial resources and some knowledge about investing are sufficient. If we do not have the knowledge, we can always entrust our savings to financial advisers, banks or other financial professionals. For this we do not need any special education or incredibly large funds. Of course, the more we can invest, the more we can earn, but for a start it is enough to have a few walls of dollars that you can try to multiply. How I do it, on the example of the Bizzilion project.

Small investment

Low-income investments have their advantages, and the main one is safety. We are talking about most banking products, such as deposits and bonds, as well as other investment programs, such as supporting companies through banks.

Investment in banks

The lower the interest rate of profit, the more security. In the case of a deposit we are talking about an interest rate of 2%. The attackers will say that this is not an investment, because inflation is at a higher level, but it is better to earn 2% calmly than not to earn anything by keeping money in your account.

Sometimes deposits may have a slightly higher interest rate, 4–7%, if we fulfill some additional banking conditions, for example, a fixed deposit payment, or we deposit it for a longer period of time.

Investments with an average return

Banks, brokerage houses and other financial institutions offer various types of investment programs that generate 5-15% of profits. However, these investments are usually associated with certain risks. Losing on such transactions is unlikely, because they are usually insured, but it may happen that we do not earn or earn anything, but relatively little. Such programs and investment products are usually financed by companies or large investors. If they don’t earn, we don’t do it either, and therefore investment products of this type are good for those who save for a rainy day and would like to do something with them, but don’t want to create their own company.

Serious investment

serious investor.png

In dealing with this type of investment, we can say about ourselves that we are real investors. But to start making a lot of money on investing, you need knowledge and experience. I'm talking about creating your own investment companies, investing in projects, making money in the stock market or forex. In this type of investment, an investor can expect to return on investment by an average of 15-30%, and in extreme cases up to 100% or more. Investments can be unpredictable, but this also applies to their negative side. When there is the possibility of obtaining large profits, there is also the possibility of large losses, and in this sector we are subject to this.

High profitability investment

If you are still wondering how to become an investor, you should start exploring issues related to business, economics, and even psychology or marketing. Investing is the ability to predict and constantly monitor the market. If you want to be a good investor, then you must do it. Read my channel and learn some methods on the right and profitable investment of money.


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