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The sharing economy has witnessed an exponential growth over the last few years with companies such as Uber and Airnbnb taking the lead in terms of market reach, the success of the sharing economy has led to an interest in the new market with investors and consumers embracing this new economy and business model.

The success of the sharing economy has been attributed to technology adoption on business operations, this simplifies the operation process, minimizes the barriers to entry and the most important it helps add value to the operation chain by bringing the products closer to the customers.

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One of the projects adopting modern technologies to add the missing features in the current sharing economy is BizShake, the project has tokenized its economy to allow consumers lower their costs when transacting in micro-entrepreneurship environment who are the target market of its products, the tokenized economy will allow BizShake leverages the use of technology mainly blockchain technology smart contracts and distributed ledger technology towards eliminating the need of third party intermediaries, lower transaction costs and improved operational processes with minimum risks this will allow on demand access to goods and services such as rent assets and lending which I’m going to cover in this blog entry.

BizShake Ecosystem.



BizShake is building a decentralized ecosystem that will be used to power the next generation of business that will target the sharing economy, businesses will be able to build their business applications on the BizShake core network, this will allow micro-entrepreneurs without the capital required to set up and customize their digital businesses use the infrastructure provided by Bizshake.

The current status of the sharing economy is centralized that’s why you will hear lots of complains about poor payments of sharing economy Centralized organizations such Uber employees and unfavorable operation conditions of Airnbnb, with BizShake the power is shifted back to the community by optimizing the businesses operations through the community.

BizShake Services.


BizShake will empower business and micro-entrepreneurs by providing them tools that they need towards offering services that will bring on demand goods and services to their customers, BizShake currently is focused on powering the next generation of business that will offer services related to renting of assets and lending services making efficient use of unutilized inventories across a decentralized global environment.


BizShake SmartRent services will allow business and BizShake users to rent assets on a peer to peer basis, users will make use of their unutilized assets and still retain full ownership of the assets, this will allow the lessor economize the unused assets and the lessee make use of the assets without purchasing the assets, this will create a win-win relationship with mutual benefits.


In order to tap the majority of the sharing economy participants who happen to be using peer to peer lending activities, BizShake will customize their operations through SmartPawn services that will allow peer to peer lending be modernized in order to minimize the risks, processing costs and finally offer accessibility of lending services.

Trust, transparency and accessibility are the main focus and solutions provided by SmartRent and SmartPawn features of bIZsHAKE that will allow the community to improve their business operations processes and lower business operations risks.

Peer to peer economy challenges and BizShake Solutions.


Currently the sharing economy is centralized, meaning that the companies that have the major market have commercialized their services and its now becoming a business to consumer monopolized sharing economy.


The current:B2C Sharing Economy


The current: P2P Sharing Economy

BizShake is offering a solution by allowing a peer to peer sharing economy that is decentralized, this will bring the products closer to the customers and also help balance supply and demand on the market.


BizShake new sharing economy

BIzShake will be powered by NEO blockchain, this will allow BizShake platform access NEO Blockchain features that are tailored towards the smart peer to peer market economy through digitization of assets, Digital Identity and smart contracts.



As more people take advantage of the new peer to peer economy, its application in the decentralized economy has been an interesting topic, Platform's such as BizShake are using the power of modern technologies such as the use of smart contracts and rudece the risks in the sharing economy operation processes.

The potential benefits of BizShake are exponential and include minimized operational risks, an improved service offering process that is effective and efficient, reduced transactions and processing costs and the most important instill confidence and trust in the market.


For more information about BizShake platform, services and technology please check out BizShake website, Whitepaper and social media pages in the reference sections below.






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