Bizarre Files #1: Rare Diseases You Could Never Imagine That Would Exist

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There are about thousand kinds of diseases that have affected the entire human race across the globe whether communicable, non communicable or even innate. As these continue to exist, there have been sophisticated approach about the treatment methods made to cure such disease.

The most common diseases of a human body are often something that are made known to the public for their true nature, signs and symptoms, disease process/ pathophysiology, prevention and cure. Most importantly if such disease is very infectious and can cause a grim epidemic across the globe. we often see these information through social media, television, radio and magazines.

However, there are still other queer and rare disorders that we may have not encountered yet or never heard of. There Are even hundreds of them. But in this blog let me show you the top 5 of the most bizarre disorders that you could never even imagine you would come across.





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Alice is wonderland syndrome (AIWS) is a NON-TRANSFERABLE disorder. The syndrome will give terrible migraines and nausea to the victims.

Though it’s most famous for making people see things bigger and/or smaller than what they are but the disorder can also affect time, touch, or even sound perception.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome can even make the person colorblind at times.

The AIWS visions are caused by tiny electromagnetic shocks to the brain allowing abnormal blood flow that damages the part of the brain that commands vision, and other senses.

There is NO CURE to this disease but there are treatments and ways to prevent it.

1.Sleeping is the best treatment for Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
2.Prescribing for migraine medication is the best way to do

  1. Avoiding these foods will also help to prevent any migraines:
    *citrus fruits
    *dark chocolate
    *strong cheese
    *red wine

People most likely to have AIWS are...
Seniors and children

2.Menkes Disease

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Menkes Disease,also called Menkes Syndrome is a disorder that affects copper levels in the body, leading to copper deficiency.

The common signs of this disease are:

1.Pili Torti,characterized by short and brittle hairs that appear flattened and twisted when viewed through a microscope.

2.Cutis Marmorata, when a newborn is exposed to low environmental temperatures, an evanescent, lacy, reticulated red and/or blue cutaneous vascular pattern appears over most of the body surface.
3.Trichoptilosis, is the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress.

Treatment to this disease is UNKNOWN.


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Pica is an eating disorder that is a rare disease commonly found in people with psychological problems or mental deficiencies. Where a person craves inedible things that contain no nutritional value.

Mineral deficiencies are presumed to be the main cause of the disorder such as iron deficiency (commonly found in pregnant women). However, other mental health disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and schizophrenia can cause pica.

Risk can lead to learning disabilities, brain damage, as a result of ingesting toxic lead based substances (lead poisoning).

Eating no nutritional items can lead to nutritional deficiencies and victim may suffer from constipation, blockage or tear in the digestive tract,parasites, anemia, bacteria and damage to the kidneys or liver.

Symptoms are clear when someone is eating non-food substances, ranging from dirt, paint, glass, hair or sand.

Warning signs of the disease is repetitive consumption of non-food material,behaviour is abnormal for age, has developmental problems and if the individual is not associated with a cultural practice or religious group.


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Water allergy or also know as aquatic urticaria, is a diagnosed form of physical urticaria.

A defining symptom is a painful skin reaction resulting from contact with water.

This seems to not be affected by different temperatures of water, since it is reproduced with distilled water and medical saline

The symptoms are:

  1. The skin will itch or burn after you expose yourself to water.
  2. Within 1-15 minutes of this exposure hives, rash or erythema may appear.
  3. In some cases, difficulty swallowing, wheezing or subjective respiratory distress will occur after drinking water.

Symptoms of aquagenic urticaria can occur after bathing, swimming, or walking in the rain.

In some cases,the skin may even break out when they sweat or emit tears.

Aquagenic urticaria tends to affect women more than men, though infantile patients are equally susceptible to this condition.

The treatment are used to lessen the effects of the disease to promote more comfort when the body must come in contact with water.Calamine lotion can be applied to hives to relieve the itching as often as needed as well as Oatmeal mixed with baking soda can be used during shower.


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** Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)** also know as LHOS is a vision loss during young adulthood.

It is caused my mitochondrial DNA mutations that is passed down maternally.This is because ova (female eggs) contain mitochondria and sperms (male eggs) do not.

This diagram shows how LHON is inherited.

Vision is affected the most because in this mutation our eyes are the most energy hungry organs and lack energy production can lead to degeneration and death of retinal ganglion cells. (Ganglion: nerve cells that communicate visual information to the brain)





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