Bitwinner Review. No Withdraw Scam or Best Investment in 2018?

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Searching for a 2018 "Bitwinner Review" that will tell you the SHOCKING truth behind the Bitwinner lending platform?

Hi and Welcome, my name is Justin and we will be going over what this opportunity really is.

What is Bitwinner?

It is a system where you are able to lend your bitcoin to another party to diversify and make more money for you. Most platforms allow you to select what amount of interest you would like to receive based off of how long you want the holding period and the amount you put in.

When I first heard about Bitcoin lending I was optimistic and didn't really think the first program I joined would be gone after a month.


$5,010 down the drain with Bitconnect.

What Makes Bitwinner... a Winner?


First of all bitwinner is the exact same thing as other lending platforms. You simply send them Bitcoin and they promise a certain return for an amount of days.

Within the Bitwinner platform you are also able to perform staking. Which means you buy their coin, but the company holds it so they can make more money from your purchase.

What you are not told about Bitwinner in the main articles you find is that Bitwinner does not have a withdraw button anymore or at least they decided to discontinue it for some time.

This is very shady and paints a picture that bitwinner is a fly by night, gone tomorrow, kind of lending system.

As with many other lending platforms, you will not be able to discover the location of the business nor the owner.

Everything is done in secret. For better or for worse.

Bitwinner Review Conclusion

If you are looking at this opportunity, my best recommendation is to run far away.

What do you think?

Is bitwinner a scam?

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