How does Wings Mobile ensure 100% secure calls and privacy?

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Blockchain in history

In a point, the Blockchain is quite much like the Web (the digital universe most of us understand, love and frequently use). consequently, the Blockchain is a global, open infrastructure which permits construction of other programs and technologies in addition to it. For the majority of us, the Blockchain is just associated to financial transactions, for example, cryptocurrency -- and despite the fact that this simple fact is partly true (Blockchain function as tech supporting the bitcoin digital money ), this system has more than what meets the eye. Being a decentralized system it functions transactions that no 1 individual or business owns or controls -- that is the reason why each user attached to it can get it as a complete, and all operations are done in a safe and verifiable form. Because of this, it utilizes techniques originally developed in cryptography. With duplicates of this blockchain across the whole world, it's now regarded as being tamper-proof.

Numerous organizations are already beginning to use this capacity so as to face the true security and privacy conditions that continue to torture the online communication and trade (since Blockchain is completely verifiable from people ).

These wonderful characteristic features of this blockchain are finally put to great use to supply an exceptional network, according to its smart contracts.

WingMobile Company

Run into WingsMobile™, an innovative business that supplies customers throughout the world with several communications options more secure. WingsMobile has been able to utilize the utmost of resources supplied from the Ethereum Blockchain technologies (with the usage of smart contracts), to make private and reliable communication channels between all kinds of users.


Wings Mobile™ is a Spanish digital cell operator situated in 2007, centered on the growth of advanced software, laptops, and smartphones. Following less than a year in their new company plan, implemented in 2017, the business obtained the ALCI AWARD for greatest Technological Design' to their state-of-the-art smartphones which were made with a focus on creation, safety, and cost.
Past the traffic of data through voice (calls) and information (together with each the programs offered for smartphones), cellular has come to be the key operational channel for fiscal activities and other avenues of sensitive data.
WingsMobile™ thinks that the future is constructed on integrating security protocols and resources into our products which will also facilitate smooth transactions on crypto trades and empower crypto obligations for services and goods.

WingsMobile™ would be the proud manufacturers of smartphones, contrary to other companies in the marketplace who only compete in bringing about an upgraded device featuring in a brand new variant of the apparatus but unfortunately don't supply proper user-friendly security measures which are crucial today. To add more, the present generation of smartphones badly lacks in consumer security. Thus, the focus lies tremendously on user experience, in a huge price in cheats and cybercrimes that follows through.


WingsMobile has sophisticated ultra-secure devices. take whole responsibility for the tech they make accessible to their customers and the value they place on privacy, instead of turning a blind eye to possible breaches of customer privacy.

Nevertheless, the WingsMobile is guarantee transparency in how information is used and specific guidelines are set up to make certain it is being performed responsibly without decreasing even 1 percent of their consumers' confidentiality. WingsMobile is developing the more technology that will concern for security reason and smooth voice communication. These techs as below:

Wings Suite™

Wings Suite is an Exceptional program designed for all simultaneous PC and mobile users, Or that are using low cellular battery power. Wings Suite Enables users to Transfer all Wings Phone works, right on the notebook (WINGS BOOK), for example, GSM calls from any cellular provider. Tasks involve the performance of software which is available through notebooks in addition to smartphones. From instant messaging solutions such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Etc. To making telephone calls throughout the notebook, users have a tendency to need quicker means of switching across devices with nominal changes that needed to be created.

Wings Guardian™

Wings Guardian™ is a safety system that supports in real-time if other installed Programs or Trojans utilize the camera or mic with no user´s comprehension.

Wings Secure Call™

WingsMobile presents WINGS Secure Call is protected with a triple degree of safety: TLS (Transport Layer Security) for Internet communication, ZRTP (Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol) to get an end-to-end exchange protected with encryption keys, along with ICE technologies for P2P utilities. No VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) data stream moves through the host, which ensures that Even Wings Mobile can intercept (protected ) calls. Those technologies will make sure for any user privacy will keep safe.

Wings Play Store™

All of Wings Smartphone™ apparatus supply an anonymous program store run by WINGS MOBILE. From the regular Play Store, the consumer needs to be enrolled with their private email, and Google monitors all action. Wings Play is totally anonymous, and It Doesn't need Registration by email and ensures total privacy. The program also conducts All the setup transactions one of WINGS MOBILE users along with the program Developers throughout the WINGSPAY payment method.

Wings Second Number™

Wings Second Number™ is another exclusive service accessible in most Wings smartphones allows users to opt for all extra phone numbers they desire, which may be accustomed to make and receive calls with the next number as the caller identification.

Wings World Roaming Free™

Still on our mind, for 20 years ago, people spend much money just for making a call overseas. With the accelerated growth of the financial world, the amount of company travel excursions which people are inclined to make has fostered up over the past couple of decades. This, in turn, has mounted that the demand to get a more user-friendly and cost-effective method of drifting information connections via smartphones while traveling overseas. But most drifting services that information suppliers provide demand charges from the callers' finish in addition to the recipients' end. Hence, for regular callers or fast business conference calls, that can be an extra high price blossom by the participants of these calls. Wings world roaming free ™ is the only method on the entire world that converts incoming GSMCalls to VoIP calls, entirely free of charge, in any worldwide area where there's an internet connection. This technology functions independently in the operator employed by the consumer. The user may select from 60 nations around the world.

Wings Defender™

Wings Defender™ that the Wings Books (PC laptops ) utilizes the Windows 10 operating system. To ensure high Wings Defender is something which can't be ignored. By always being upgraded With all sorts of Trojans, malware, viruses, it optimizes safety and offers the consumer With complete protection, in addition to maximizing the CPU, RAM, and battery

Wings Dialer™

Wings Dialer™ is the first dialer from the hybrid, which incorporates GSM technology special mobile works on a single dialer (computer keyboard ): protected telephone, free-roaming, a second variety, national and worldwide calls with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) transportation, totally free calls, etc. The primary advantages are associated with an integrated usage Which Allows the user to own Several calling choices, in one dialer, also without relying upon outside programs. Additionally, calls using native VoIP technologies, excluding other VoIP customers, Aren't canceled if there's a second GSM telephone number. In Cases like This, the GSM phone just receives a busy signal as from the standard GSM system.

Wings VOIP Call™

Throughout the VoIP technologies, WingsMobile Provides all Wings Phone or Wings Book Owners the chance of utilizing exclusive VoIP solutions. At a Really simple manner, after the receiver has been selected, the consumer decides whether to produce the phone through the GSM Network or via the VoIP network.
Wings Mobile utilizes the transference of voice information through VoIP technologies only in the from that moment on, the telephone is redirected via the GSM or PSTN system of this telephone's destination country. This mode allows making forecasts which don't differ at all together with the GSM being used. Due to this support, WINGS MOBILE Delivers special rate programs, which allows getting 90 percent in economies in contrast to some niches which aren't yet older, for example, Latin America or even with high rates, because it's true with the African continent in virtually all global calls.

Wings Backoffice™

Wings Backoffice is the Core of WINGS MOBILE: the applications Which Allow the direction of their commercial and supply system. the Program manages the supply, charging, calculation, and compensation of made to be multi-language, multi-country, it permits to execute and create a new small business unit at a new marketplace, in under 60 days

BitWings Token

BitWings is the cryptocurrency of WingsMobile™. This token will use for making a transaction on the WingsMobile device store like Wings Play Store. The Private sale is live now. You can join as an earlier investor and enjoy the ride with the big family of WingsMobile™


Last Words

To be able to eliminate this significant concern among crypto money traders, devices are introduced by WingsMobile™ which will produce an independent blockchain system employing a circulated ledger approval mechanism. This consequently shall enable rapid payments involving the network peers with no need for any extra charges. Safe Core is made of multiple built-in security characteristics that give a platform for favorable and secure payments. These attributes include Trusted Screen, IP Address Pairing and MAC Address Randomization. But these 8 exclusive attributes highlight the 8 big concerns this WINGS apparatus is forecast to conquer efficiently. Look out for the upcoming fascinating read comprising another element of this newcomer from the complex world of technologies.


The blockchain discovered human life needs. I see Wings mobile has great adventure and vision. It brave to move a step ahead to answer the future tech will be needed. Thanks for this article. I will got to take a look in deep about this project. Looks interesting for me.

Just shocking to know that Wings phone can mining ethereum. There were several projects over the same (Mining coin) but they got nothing. Hope this project developed by WIngs mobile company it will come true and real.

A great and legitimate project that aims to improve the future...!

Very interesting and promising project.

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