WTF!!! So Because I'm An American In New York I don't Want To Give Bittrex My Address. So My BTC Withdrawal Is Limited!!!

in bittrex •  11 months ago

No 1broker For Me Today


So I spent a little BTC over at Newegg today. I got me some thermal paste for my desktop and laptop. I know the paste in my destop is shot and it can't hurt to change out the thermal paste in my 7 year old laptop. I also got an SSD for my laptop figuring that if I can make the effort to keep it cool and cut down on power draw from the hard drive I might get a little more life out of my machine. So after using some BTC for that I decided to put some into 1broker. You know maybe make back some of what I spent and thats when I got the error message you see above. I checked what to do to verify but I'm not putting my name address and all sorts of info for my USA tax farm. I guess exchanges decentralize the power of crypto.

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