Fake Bittrex website!!!!!! Resteem!!!! We need to get the word out!!!!

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The post I resteemed is a big deal! I have heard from many people that have been taken by this scam.

Basically most people I have talked to are searching for bittrex on a browser on their phone. The fake site has one letter off and looks pretty authentic. It pretends you have login problems at first, and then requests your 2nd device authentication code. As soon as you put that in they go to work selling all your crypto. I have heard it is taking them about 5 minutes to exit with 100% of your daily limit.

RESTEEM this and get this around ASAP!!!!!! we do not want anyone walking into this trap!!!!!


📌Keep ur eyes on these and safe from phishing attack. Else dont shout later that trex steal ur funds/acc.

Edit: Check Domain spelling
"BIttrex" is wrong❎, while "Bittrex" is right

Not only with the ad in my case i can't see the ad but i can see clearly the message, Bittrex.com - Bittrex, The Next Generation Digital Currency Exchange,it's message of the real exchange plus the security lock

phishing and clones of sites is always a problem on the internet. I normally try to avoid links I dont know and double check before I log in.
thanks for warning cause when time is short you become lazy.

Yes, we need to get this around. Resteemed.

Wow, I had no idea about that. Thanks for the head's up.

Really nice info @davidp sir, your article really tells us to choose the right path thanks for sharing.

in crypto many scamers and scam sites active to make fool people but some good people are for help and ur this post is also for help peopls so sure we resteemed it to show all worlds this msg man

we are really thanx to u to warn us from this david and now its comulsory to resteemed it to help of other peoples

Awesome info @davidp sir, upvoted and resteemed.

whats wrong with scamers dogs and also resteemed

its too bad sir resteemed this

ohh its really a wrong side site if they scam with people and also thanx to inform ur @davidp sir

blody dogs scamers now i really resteem it sir and also thanx to alert us from this

Resteeming Right now !!

scams everywhere in new form or the other now this Bittrex

Thank you so much for telling about his i will spread the word :)

Off course man. Resteemed

Thank you so much from saving all of us from this trap

Sure! Resteeming

its scarry , thanks for warning

Unbelievable. Resteemed.

Maybe resteem is one right answer

thanks, resteemded
we need everyone to know

Scams are everywhere. Always have to pay attention to when it comes to potentially losing your money

Don't they have email confirmation for withdrawals?
Did they hack into your email as well?

Sounds like they quickly change api settings...

What a nightmare! And no one fights against such phishing sites ... :(

Bastards who do this

its scary , thanks for warning

Restemed, thanks a lot for this information