Why Brisk Pass ICO is a Giant that is about to UNLEASHED?

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There are many ICOs in the market at the moment offering different flavors for every need and fancy, but there is one that stands-out from all of them.

With everyone focusing on decentralizing tech related products such as AI, Social Network or even predicting stock futures, Brisk Pass is promising to deal with a real life problem that we face every day “transportation and commuting”. Brisk Pass is the only technology out there that clearly can solve the way we will commute in future. Its not just ride sharing or flight tickets. Its everything under the banner of Transportation & Commuting and that is why I feel Brisk Pass is a giant of an ICO that will change the game for everyone with it’s own cryptocurrency called Brisk Coin.

Brisk Coin is a cryptocurrency that is conceptualized to become standard of payments for transportation & services around the world. Once Brisk Pass Payment Platform is live, users will be able to use Brisk Coin and pay for transportation globally.

The company is based in Germany and these people have been in the industry for sometime and they know exactly what they are doing, I saw the roadmap and read the whitepaper only to realize that there are very few upcoming ICOs like it in the market of decentralizing economy of future.

The company promises to start the ICO with 100% bonus for the first 5 Days “a deal that cannot be missed”.

I know where I’ll be putting my money because Brisk Pass is simple enough to understand, deals with real life problem and have mass appeal to investors who are new to crypto realm.

I highly recommend looking into it.


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