Bitspark Zephyr Update #5

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Bitspark Zephyr

Hi Steemit,

Welcome to the Zephyr update series. The idea behind this is a concise snapshot of some the current developments to give you an idea on the progress being made at Bitspark towards Project Zephyr. Todays update will mostly be related to our technical development but also can include business related developments too, some developments are private and wont be noted and we may change the formatting of these updates as time goes on.


  • Ongoing development of new Sendy 2.0
  • Reduced KYC requirements for some currencies
  • 20+ Backend fixes to Bitspark web
  • Ongoing Administration enhancements
  • New API endpoints for upcoming Sendy release
  • New engineering staff joining Bitspark in Ukraine office for Bitspark and Zephyr development.
  • Development for new website UX and branding underway in HK office.


  • Bitspark will be present and a sponsor of the upcoming RemTech Awards in Kuala Lumpur for the international remittance industry.
  • Ongoing discussions with UNDP Tajikistan team for rollout of cryptocurrency remittance project- Current status pending additional UNDP and regulatory approvals for start date. We are seeking a quick resolution with UNDP Tajikistan and Altfin Lab.
  • New MTO network signed up to Bitspark. Under negotiation for trial rollout
  • IMTC follow ups and contract negotiations.
  • Ongoing business developments with MTOs and money transfer businesses in APAC and Internationally
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Great !
By the way ... Staking more $ZEPH on the Bitshare DEX !!!

Awesome. Share the love on $ZEPH telegram group ->

Thanks for the update, it s a long road to drive !

We're ready! Thanks for joining us along the way.

Thanks for the update

Not so keen on the UN project, but good updates <3