[PSA] BitShares Blockchain Upgrade successful!!

in #bitshares6 years ago

We can be proud of our witnesses and the excellent work of our core development team and contributors!

Please read the Release Notes and realize the major impact of some of the improvements. This is a major milestone in the development of the BitShares Blockchain - not just because it was developed and managed flawlessly in a distributed and decentralized manner, but also because it adds some long wanted features and improves the matching engine greatly!

We should have a party! At least take a look at http://bitfest.in and join in Amsterdam!



I must say bitshares is one coin i love the most you guys are doing a great job thumbs up thanks for sharing sir @xeroc

great work! thanks!

Are u a part of that development

That Amazing...

Good job! Oh yeah we are not celebrating Bitshares enough :-) those are great milestone. Planning to probably attend BitFest and celebrate this success. SteemFest for sure!

Congrats and thanx :)

Well done. Bravo.

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