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ChainSquad GmbH is pleased to announce that the BitShares/Graphene documentation sources have been successfully migrated to the bitshares organization on github.

By opening up the repository to the BitShares organization, we hope to bring in more powerful hands to keep it updated and extended.



The sources make use of sphinx-doc, which is a toolkit that allows to quickly build any kind of more or less complex webpages and integrates nicely with Doxygen for C++ (through breathe) and Python.

To compile the sources, you need to first install the dependencies through:

pip3 install -r requirements

and can later compile the docs with

make html

The static webpage is stored in build/html.


The documentation is built by readthedocs which also hosts the final end result.

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Thank you very much @xeroc! Have some people coming together to help with updating the documentation and anyone in the community is welcome to help.

Hi may I know how bitshares work? is it under steemit too? i have also see beyondbits.

Great this will make it easier to improve the documentation. A step in the right direction.

Great information. I have been watching for more news on this. Thanks for sharing it.


Nice work Xeroc Thank you bro, will you be joining for muse?


Once it is there and attractive, I see no reason not to.


Awesome I look forward to working with you bro.

nice one @xeroc

Very good