BitShares to be first blockchain to reach 20Mio blocks!steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitshares •  2 years ago

Excellent news for the whole blockchain ecosystem:

The first Blockchain has reached 20,000,000 Blocks

I'd say that is reason enough to celebrate!

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Question for you about the streemian site: when I logged into streemian the first time, I used a "throwaway email." Now, I am locked out and unable to adjust my settings. Anything we can do to get me back in. Maybe close my account on streemian and sign up again or something?



The email you with your pap-pepper account is ************ I can detach your steem account from that email address, please send an email to

celebrate the number

I hope FUD will be over soon, and green days are comming

Hi @xeroc, sorry to bother you again. Is there any way to make button to resend confirmation mail on streemian. I tried to contact streemian mail but i got no response in 1 month.

great post..thanks for the post sharing.

I don't know how to dance, so please don't look at me. I'm celebrating. :D

Thank you @xeroc for the good news!

how big is the bts blockchain right now?


The raw blockchain is 3.5GiB

great news!


Wow @xeroc great job 👍.I have followed you and upvoted..kindly hoping for your encouragement as well (Blessings❤)

We are all the building blocks of block chain. Let's party. Cheers from the other side. :-)

Hello Fabian, I had an issue with my light wallet with a Failed Sync API server page coming at each log in. I'm in New Zealand. I tried all servers and none of them works. I tried getting help on discord app but nobody was able. I hold a lot of BTS and I want to move them to the wallet. I don't want to be forced to sell them because of the issue. If you have any idea it will be very much appreciate it :). Thank you, Joris

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