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in bitshares •  last year

Thanks to the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, the BitShares Testnet now has an official mailing list:

BitShares Testnet Mailing list

I encourage everyone that likes, uses, or develops on the testnet to join this mailing list.

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All right then! All aboard the mailing list.

Thanks, this is very useful for novice steemit users, good job @xeroc

I subscribed. Also, sent you an email related to streemian. I also tried to reach you over chat and discord if you have a second.


and you also spammed the mailing list for its first mail... Not even a single word related to the testnet, you're just talking about how we should follow you on steemit... And saying you're sorry doesn't make it less of a spam, just so you know.


Ok, you are right. I maybe miscalculated the gravity of the situation. To be honest I didn't think it could make such an impact. I know little of such things and my good mood carried me away. I tried to help with the other comment.

Btw, confirmation ends in google spam.

Hey @xeroc can you email me? Been trying to get a hold of you.


In this lobby, will there be T.P.? For my bunghole?

Thanks for all that you do @xeroc! Just started learning Python a few months ago and Piston is so cool!!

Please follow back :) thank you