es-wrapper is part of the explorer api so yes, there is support for the wrapper available in this pack. Unfortunately, the server where i installed everything is out of disk space so i am speaking with hosting to see if i can extend. ill restore the services asap and send you the link to the wrapper. My apologies.

please check for the es-wrapper api calls.

please also note:

  • elasticsearch 6.2(the version i am using) changes the indexes to read only when 95% of disk space is filled by default. i had a hard time figuring out was failing as i had some space left.
  • i removed the protection, changed the indexes to write state again and now all the services are working(unprotected).
  • however, hosting is going to increase me the SSD in 120G more so everything will be fine for a while.
  • for this change they are going to reboot the server so there is going to be some more downtime in this next days.
  • ill update about that as soon as it is happening and when it gets done, you can test the services but should not use them in any production application until then.

thanks for the patience.

The hard drive upgrade was done, we now have 300G more available so everything should be good for a while. all services are working. thanks again for the patience.

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