The Sound of #price - Song Parody

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The Sound of #price

Hello BitShares, my old friend
I've come to shill you yet again
Because a chart softly creeping
It went Moon while I was sleeping
And my BitShares that were planted on the chain
Still remains
But I can't convince #price

In restless dreams I trade alone
Narrow margins of Satoshi oh
'Neath the sound of a Marshall amp
I yelled allegience to the BitShares camp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a green light
The candle spiked
And broke the FUD in #price

And in the candle spike I saw
Ten thousand hodlers, maybe more
People trading without speaking
People FUDing without listening
People writing memes that others always share
A Pepe rare
But still FUD from #price

Fools, said I, you do not know
BitShares like a cancer grows
Hear my shill that I might teach you
Take my link that I might reach you
But my shills, like silent nuggets fell
And echoed in the chat of #price

And the people bowed and prayed
To the platform Dan had made
And the chart flashed out its warning
In the TA a dump was forming
And the chart said, the words of the prophets are written on the blockchain wall
And trollbox chats
And whispered in the logs of #price

Here's the original song "The Sound of Silence"

by Simon & Garfunkel


We need to make this gem into a real BTS song karaoke'd by Matt Trainer

i came

LOL, epic!

This is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend.

I sang every word of that. Nice.

Good stuff !!

buhahahahhaha xD I purchased some at .00002792 and held them, today he price of 1 bts is 0.00014000 xD fot over 500% <3

I actually sang it.

Haha this was awesome! Thanks for the share :) The lyrics go so well with the original song, maybe you should actually do a parody version, you know, get the instrumental track and just sing! :P

I'll hire you to sing it for $20 SBD. :)

Hahah! Do I smell a collab? I'm not a singer though, but I could try :(

You crack me up! Well done sir, well done!

Inspirational, the official Anthem of the #price chat 🦍?

That's a fun song and my kind of song. Very creative.
Check out this heart-warming performance of a deaf singer

Nice job with the parody! That would be amazing to hear someone actually sing it.

it's one of my favorite songs, thanks for sharing ☺

coooll @tuck-fheman

@tippy tip tuck-fheman 0.001 SBD

Bitshares is my new friend ... :) Our friendship isn't deep enought ... sigh...

Nice variation on the song haha. I got in yesterday at .25 with 500 units. At least its something...