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I've previously posted about my earlier development for a logo for @cm-steem and their project, Hertz coin. After the first development we somehow got talking about Habbo hotel and the about isometric design, which is what I have developed this logo in mind of:

logo 2.0 blank.png

Then we went onto the colour scheme and we've had some trouble here! They're settled on greens and blacks being the main colour scheme and I've demonstrated a few ideas for them:

logo 2.0 scheme 1.png

logo 2.0 scheme 2.png

logo 2.0 scheme 3.png

The first option is their current favourite, but they can't decide. They suggested posting the blank and seeing if anyone else on steemit had any ideas for the colour choices, post below your own ideas using the blank above. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, Have fun!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Number 1 looks to be the best but used a slightly different tone of dark green. Here is the green used by a bank in the US. Just check the logo out it is a similar green to what you used so far. It actually looks better on their brochures an signs on the outside of the bank. In another note the Z should have more a a lighting bolt look to it in my opinion. Nice job by the way,logo-investors-bank.png

Very cool, thank you very much :D

Photoshopped the sine wave to make a H :D

That's sharp I like that !!!!

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