What is BitShares in 35 Seconds

in #bitshares6 years ago

Need to quickly show someone what is BitShares? Use this video to get the message across in 35 seconds. Credit goes to Pat Joh of the BitShares Community who is the creator of this video. You can see Pat on Steemit here https://steemit.com/crypto/@patrickjh/helping-bitshares-by-creating-content-that-explains-the-ecosystem-share-the-movie

Join the BitShares Community - https://t.me/bitshares_official
Join the BitShares Trading Group - https://t.me/Bitshares_Traders


@tonypeacock, great summary of my favourite crypto.

Hey man, thx for sharing . Amazing music, 35 sec packed with information I love it!
I just did a review on what is Substratum on my blog. Be sure to check it out!

Ill use this at my next meetup thanks!

Are they hack proof ?

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