Bitshares Reserve Bank’s Drainage Plan

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Idea that moment on use of troops, it is time.

Basis: Steem Reserve Bank’s actual and successful drainage increased the market value of Steem a dozen times in a short time period, Steem’s inner market got leading pricing power and obtained the desired objective.

Approximate Calculation of Drainage Effect

1, Calculation according to that the BTS price is 0.04CNY at the beginning of the plan . With the reserve of 1.2 billion BTS and collateral ration 4,drainage 0.3 billion BTS equivalent monetary 0.012billion bitCNY, continuously eat BTS at higher prices.Suppose the process finished at BTS price doubled to 0.08bitCNY, average buying cost of BTS is 0.06bitCNY, totally buy in 0.2 billion BTS. At this point,

the initial: 1.2 billion BTS reserves, value 0.048 billion bitCNY
the end: collateral BTS 1.2 billion + BTS 0.2 billion, value 0.112 billion bitCNY
debt 0.012 billion bitCNY

2, and then collateral 1.4 billion BTS, collateral ratio 0.112/0.012=9.33. Reduce the collateral ratio to 4, drainage 0.112/4=0.028 billion bitCNY.

3, repeat the first step. BTS price doubled to 0.16bitCNY, average buying cost of BTS is 0.12bitCNY, totally buy in 0.233 billion BTS.

The process is carried out continuously for 3 times, BTS price to 0.32bitCNY, a total of 0.105 billion bitCNY drainage, buy in 0.7 billion bts.

4, At this point,

the initial: 1.2 billion BTS reserves, value 0.048 billion bitCNY
the end: Rights and interests
collateral BTS 1.633 billion + BTS 0.27 billion=1.9billion
(1.9/3.7=51%, value 0.608 billion bitCNY)
debt 0.105 billion bitCNY

No doubt no more need to say. After the start of the process, the short-term fluctuations in the bitCNY anchoring will be ignored! Anchoring will continue to be effective on a new and higher platform.

Plan Implementation Proposal

1, Release announcement on bitsharestalk and steem 1 weeks in advance.

2, the first stage drainage 3 to 4 times, 1 to 2 weeks, BTS prices hit a record high.

3, Rest for 1 to 2 weeks, let the outer market fully changing hands, arrest public attention .

4, Implementing the second stage drainage, BTS could be worth the value of ETH.

5, In order to buy in more BTS in low price, use all of the main inner markets at the same time.

Then bitshares successfully take off, next need to recuperate and build up strength. In a good ecological conditions, the bitshares ecological system will continually and quickly improve. This is the time to found DAC.



Interesting thoughts . But wouldn't this be just a temporary manipulation? The reason for steem s increase was an accident nor'easter in value that is sustainable . This also helps BTS in the long run.

  1. who would manage this transactions?
  2. provided that the plan works as expected (BTS price increased significantly), what would happen with bitCNY debt? Would Bitshares have this liability forever?
  3. using whole reserve seems to be too risky, what is the practical minimum of BTS that we would have to use?
  4. what group of people do you expect to buy created bitCNY
  1. bitshares council
  2. yes
  3. more BTS,higher collateral ratio, less risk
  4. more value of BTS, more bitCNY, more people.

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