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Energy is everything. Everything is energy.


An energy revolution is underway, but you probably don't know about it.

Nuclear energy has powered us for the last 50 years. It has now started to kill us. The meltdowns at Fukushima in March 2011 were the worst things to happen to the world in the last... well, ever.

They didn't need to happen. The reason those reactors were built like that is because all our nuclear power plants are based on war technology, from World War Two and the Cold War. They are inherently unsafe. They consume strongly radioactive fuel and give off insanely radioactive waste. And when they eff up, as happened in Japan in 2011 <iframe width="560"height="315" src="

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What is this Th of which you speak?

A clean, safe, efficient, inexpensive... better way to do nuclear is here, and it is Thorium. There are several companies around the world now who are developing this technology, along with every smart military planner, and we as a planet are on our way to energy independence.


The question is, who will own this technology, and on which schedule will it be shared with mankind? The technology itself is straight-forward & experimentally proven, and anyone with wikipedia access can learn the basics of the reactors and the process. The few companies which are building this technology today hope to have some working reactors in the next couple of years, but R&D costs, as well as the regulatory nonsense that they have to deal with prevents any really widespread research or adoption of the reactors.

What is Holding Thorium Back?

In a word, LAZINESS. The nuclear industry has not been concerned with innovation. They build gigantic plants, and then try to keep them operating for 40-50 years. They then have a supply chain of parts and professionals geared towards one type of reactor technology to the exclusion of all others. Inertia forces the operators to build the same style of plant a few decades later, because that's all they know. There hasn't been a need to talk about a new way of doing things, because people are mostly ignorant about both the fragility of our electrical grid, and the insane danger of staying the course with modern nuclear power. So there is no demand for change; from the industry or from the consumers.

How do we change the minds of the Nuclear Industry, the Regulators and Consumers?

In a word - 2 words - PUBLIC PRESSURE. We need to get creative. We need to make videos. We need to write clever poetry, and we need to take pictures. We need to STOP AT NOTHING to spread the message out there that we need an energy revolution, and that we are fed up with today's nuclear industry. There is a great tool on the internets now called Facebook. I hear it is a great way to "socially network", and share important information about science and farming and hollywood and your neighbour's cat's gaul stones... Seriously. Riiiiiight.


We have the facebook killer, we have the replacement to bitcoin and etherium, and we now have technology for the world's first reserve currency. We have to stand up and take responsibility for our world. A HERO needs to stand up and lead this project. We WILL have a working reactor, and we WILL have public acceptance of Thorium.

This cannot happen without EDUCATION. We will foster awareness across the globe. We will sponsor education. We will document our progress and share it with the world. Heroes need to step up and talk to the leaders in the Thorium field, and draw them into the project. I mean, we will be winning 300 million dollars, so surely we'll be able to promise a few bitshares to these core scientists? We take their work, and we put it on the blockchain. We pay them in Heroes or in some other fashion. We can find a way to pay them in gold if they wanted. The point is, we secure the research. We make it public forever. We document the process, and we assist today's researchers in any way that we can. We pressure all levels of government everywhere to examine and relax any of their nuclear regulations which would stop Thorium's development. We buy thorium production from mines, and learn how to refine it. We sell Thorium futures.

The reactors will be built. The question we must ask is "when, and by whom." Energy independence for the world is not an unattainable goal, but if there is not a public movement on Thorium, we risk leaving the tech in the hands of the elite and the public in ignorance. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THORIUM.


We can work to feed the hungry, or put solar panels on every roof in Africa, or desalination plants in India, or rebuild America's schools, or anything. But know this - Thorium Awareness would be more important than just about any other endeavor, because it would make so many other good things possible.

Who am I?

I'm a nobody. I don't have any sort of stake in this technology - yet. But I want to. I'm an electrician who knows how to build heavy industry, and I know just what we are up against when it comes to our electrical infrastructure (hint: it sucks). If there was ever a rumor of one of these reactors getting built near me, I would relocate my family to be close to it. One other thing: I and a lot of guys like me would be only too happy to convert our union pensions to a stable, secure investment with low volatility which would give us a 5% annual return. Heroes is what every retirement plan SHOULD be invested in.


Send a token bitshare to me at my account "thorium232" if you think this is a possible contender for one of the 12 top causes. These tokens will be reinvested into the game if this goal is not chosen.

Share this post, and try to think of another good cause for the Bitshares Billion Hero Challenge.

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Good stuff, as always!

I was not familiar with thorium reactors, but considering the role energy plays in everyone's life, this sounds like a great idea.

For those interested in going deeper into background, technical detail, and references about molten salt thorium reactors (and other kinds of molten salt reactors) check out the World Nuclear Association's Molten Salt Reactors article.

This is amazing.


Thanks bro! I'll be watching everything closely. At this point, my only role is cheerleader, but I'm happy in it.

Thanks for this interesting post. I will start learning more about this Thorium technology. I suggest you bring your union friends here into Steemit to back up your muscles in the competition. Thanks for your interesting viewpoints from another birds eye perspective.


I'll try, but they are such a bull-headed bunch, those union brothers.


I love the idea of crowd funded energy solutions, but not so familiar with Th.. have you looked into NOCA


Not yet... clicking now...

Good article my friend.

I also have been a big fan of thorium reactors. Thorium is so abundant and far less dangerous than uranium or plutonium.

The only reason the US uses the uranium type of reactors is to make weapons grade material. Okay, so it does have some uses but is far more dangerous when something goes wrong and we know when it comes to humans something is always going wrong!

upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks for the kind words...
Th232 has to happen very soon. We can do it!

great job keep up the good work