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RE: Bitshares - State of the Network - 29th August 2017

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Waited almost a week to read your weekly report. Today morning I could read @stan's "Planning the 2018 Global Reset" post and already talked the value of BitShares rather than most of Crypto coins at the market place!
I never doubt BTS and it's powerful block chain technology and it's Eco system. And I never doubt STEEM too.
Actually I need to thank you @steempower, @stan, and @onceuponatime for giving continuous support to the community to be millionaires and billionaires in next two years of time!
I can't even think the effort your putting on this report! Actually we are awaiting to read this report to get the full scale understand about the coin and upcoming events!

Really appropriate your effort and I wish people will understand the power of BitShares and the power of it's block chain technology and will be millionaires in 2020 :D

Thank you very much for this great report!