Bitshares GUI release 2.0.170314

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Big new wallet release including new design features and many other improvements.

This is actually the second release since my last post, so I will include the changes made in the previous version as well. In addition to a lot of bugfixes and behind the scenes improvements, the two major features included are:

  • A new design provided by @etherdesign
  • Automatic API node selection with fallback to a new node in case of errors

The new look

We recently contacted @etherdesign and asked him to provide some new designs to improve the look and feel of the GUI. He provided us with some great sketches that were quickly implemented in the GUI, notably for Header, the Dashboard, Account pages, the Send dialog and in particular the Deposit/Withdraw page. Below are some screenshots of the new pages:

New welcome page

New transfer form

New deposit/withdraw page

Automatic node selection

We've had a lot of issues with the default Openledger nodes being down or having connection issues. To prevent this from happening, this release includes a new node switching logic that will automatically choose a new node if the connection fails. It also polls all available nodes and stores their latencies, and connects to nodes by preference of their latencies to your location. This should ensure faster and more reliable connections.

Download links

The installable clients for Linux and Windows are available here: MacOS to follow soon. has also been updated.

The full list of changes is shown below:

New features

  • Make the account dropdown a direct link when only one account is present
  • Add a 'choose automatically' option for API server selection.
  • Add tooltips for bitassets, open.x and trade.x assets
  • Add 'to' account to deposit/withdraw summary, and show full asset name
  • Add several markets to dashboard list, filter out low volume markets
  • Implement some design ideas from @etherdesign
  • Refactor Transfer page, add new asset dropdown
  • Refactor AccountLeftPanel using etherdesign's designs
  • Increase max. KAPITAL withdraw limit to 100k
  • Improve the determination of low volume markets
  • Refactor DepositWithdraw layout according to design by @etherdesign
  • Add a dropdown to AccountSelector, use it in Transfer to show your accounts in From field
  • Change Tabs styling to use segmented button class
  • Modify the switch colors to make it very clear what's the checked state
  • Update the header account link behaviour to always switch the active account, add notification
  • Make the header balance value depend on the active account
  • Put Explore, Help and Settings behind a dropdown using the cog icon
  • Move the price chart controls below the chart itself
  • Fetch 3x as much data for price charts
  • API node hopping: fallback to next API server if current API is down
  • API latency checks: all known API servers are regularly polled for latency, the ranking is used for fallback attempts
  • Notifications for confirmed transactions instead of second OK button
  • Big Russian language update
  • Delay Chat component appearance, default user name is now the first account in the user's wallet
  • Add empty input warning to WithdrawModalBlocktrades
  • Persist BlockTradesGateway deposit/withdraw setting

Bug fixes

  • Make event listeners passive, ensure removal
  • Add theme as query param to BitKapital iframe urls
  • Improve MarketCard shouldComponentUpdate logic
  • Improve the borders and display of market cards in the Dashboard
  • Fix top markets list disappearing due to low volume check
  • Rename 'pay' to 'send to
  • Sort call orders by id for consistent sort in CollateralPosition
  • Move the date in the operation list to a third column
  • Always set the 'from' account in Transfer.jsx
  • Fix account registration without referral id
  • Fix KAPITAL:OPEN.BTC price display in dashboard
  • Fix BuySell input style after Transfer refactor
  • Improve the Identicon question mark color
  • Include accounts with partial authority in list of my accounts
  • Only render mobileMenu on small screens
  • Filter Blocktrades backed coins by active wallets
  • Fix Exchange balance check
  • Fix BuySell balance asset construction
  • Fix withdrawal modal input check for amounts < 0
  • Fix fee subtraction in BuySell
  • Fix removal of ws api nodes in WebSocketAddModal
  • Persist backedCoins in localStorage
  • Persist map of low volume markets
  • Remove redirect from / to /dashboard
  • Store referral account in localStorage, fixes account creation referrals
  • Fix brainkey sequence sync issues with account creation failure, add reset/decrement methods, resolve process_transaction properly on trx inclusion
  • Trigger account ref lookup immediately on AccountStore loadDbData, fixes slow Dashboard load
  • Fix for MyOrders incorrect amounts
  • Fix Exchange insufficient funds message
  • Fix order cancellations not updating properly
  • Filter out OPEN.X coins that are currently unavailable from preset list
  • Modify app init Chain to better handle sync error redirects
  • Add missing getFee method for SimpleDepositWithdraw

The new design updates are great! Especially the new landing page makes it easier to understand how the exchange works.

I agree, and there are actually more updates in the pipeline as I haven't yet had the time to implement all of the designs made by @etherdesign.

Awesome i was reminded of their intro last year and here it is, great design update :)

@svk, that mac version! I (steemian), request it.

I like the new and more appealing look of it. Thanks for the update and great improvement again. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

The new design look really good! :-)

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Will an OSX .dmg file for GUI Release v2.0.170314 be posted at the release page sometime soon? Pretty please?

Yes, Cass was building it for me earlier but think he got distracted, probably tomorrow.

(and there was much rejoicing:) yay!

Just uploaded it now, enjoy :)

Great, thanks!
Not sure if i should post an issue to GH or not, but when I used this latest version to collect my vested balances (248-ish BTS worth), the "Please confirm the transaction" dialog, listed the vested amount, but a fee of 293 BTS - so to collect my vested balance, I'd have to give up 45 BTS? Seems a bit daft, no? negative BTS vested balance screenshot

That's nothing to with the GUI I'm afraid, the fees are set on the blockchain level by the committee members and they decided to set that particular fee very high.

Curious, as this is the first time I've seen the fee this high - I guess i need to research some, as collecting negative balances is something i tend to try and avoid.

Awesome :)

Hi, could you help me? I have tried to create an account at and there is always an error.

Did you check your clock or try to change the api server? You could also try

I have changed it several times, I downloaded the app and the same, the same message.

If that error is consistent then most likely there's an issue with your clock.

You were right, there was a problem with the configuration of my watch. Thank you.

I am having trouble with the same phenomenon. Please let me know in detail

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