Bitshares GUI release 2.0.170224

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New light wallet release with bug fixes and new deposit/withdraw modal dialogs.

Quick deposit/withdraw


A quick link to deposit/withdraw OPEN.X assets have been added to the account overview page. The links open a modal that lets you deposit or withdraw funds very easily. There's also a short list of "default" assets as can be seen in the bottom of the screenshot, giving new users the ability to easily deposit BTC, ETH, USDT, MAID and STEEM.

New welcome screen

This was included in the previous release but I'll mention it anyway. This text written by @tbone is now shown to new users together with the featured markets list, instead of dropping them directly in the account creation form.


Download links

The installable clients for Linux, Windows and macOS are available here: has also been updated.

The full list of changes is included below:

New features

  • New modal for quick deposit/withdraw of OPEN.X assets on account overview page
  • A set of default assets are available for deposits on the account overview page
  • New summary of open orders on account overview page
  • Set precision for bitCNY and bitUSD to 5 in orderbook display
  • Flip CNY:OPEN.BTC market in dashboard
  • Add bitSilver asset icon
  • Add Chinese intro text by bitcrab
  • Add grid lines and y axis labels to the depth chart

Bug fixes

  • Fix Popover links so they work within the router context
  • Update react-router to v3.0.2
  • Refactor blockTrades withdrawal address caching
  • Scroll orderbook to top when changing markets
  • Don't set feed price in MarketStore for markets without call orders
  • Fix setting of highestBid in MarketStore
  • Update bitsharesjs, fixes vesting balances not loading properly
  • Fix persistence of indicator settings
  • Fix PriceChart resize on switching to/from left orderbook
  • Update Dashboard markets, add loading indication until accounts are ready
  • Fix Operation display of asset_global_settle operation

Good work. Thanks for the info.

I agree! I'm still in​ learning mode, but I like when people fix things!

fantastic as always. Hopefully this can pave the way for getting rid of the deposit/withdraw page altogether and we can just use the account page.

I have found the Bitshares stuff confusing LOL and I know others have also, I have seen their comments.

  • this title caught my eye as such and I appreciate the resources here and am going to tag one other person in the hopes she sees this, as we had discussions recently on same. @merej99 hope this helps you.

TY for this post today @svk

This is huge. Bitshares is so important to the crypto community. Most people don't realize it much yet but as time pass they will.

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