Bitshares GUI release 2.0.170118

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Big new light wallet release with major updates to market mechanics and more.

Windows and Linux binaries available here:

New features

  • Major refactor of market handling: improved order matching and market data processing
  • Upgrade to Webpack 2, add ES6 code splitting and dynamic route loading
  • [Blocktrades] Add internal conversion
  • Major package upgrades: react, react-router, alt, file-saver ++
  • Use Roboto font everywhere by default
  • Add Equivalent values to Worker table, improve layout
  • Add a warning for disabled markets and disable buy/sell
  • Only redirect to account creation on direct navigation to "/"
  • Update default markets and add some asset symbols
  • Helpul tooltips have been added in multiple locations, such as login/unlock, margin mechanics ++
  • Proposed transaction summaries added to transaction history lists
  • Always display settings cog in header

Bug fixes

  • [Blocktrades] Fix 'Calculating Internal Server Error'
  • [Blocktrades] Fix displaying 'Deposit limit' for 'Internal conversion'
  • [Blocktrades] Fix copy/paste for memo
  • Fix dropdown font colors
  • Fix missing connection translation key
  • Improve multi-sig signing handling, exclude owner keys if not needed
  • Hide tooltips on navigation
  • Fix Account active state in Header
  • Change 'No price available' to 'Unknown', and add a tooltip
  • Fix account creation and dictionary loading
  • Fix orderbook show more button
  • Fix some invalid JSON
  • Fix display of asset page for bit assets with no valid feeds
  • Remove maximum_short_squeeze_ratio requirement for minimum collateral
  • Base Call Order forSale/toReceive calculation on debt instead of collateral
  • Fix TimeAgo tooltip positioning
  • Hide 'show hidden assets' button when no assets are hidden
  • Update Chinese translations
  • Set depth chart xaxis properly when no asks are present
  • Fix price being set when clicking on orderbook order
  • Add a tooltip explaning that buy amounts are minimum to receive
  • Filter call orders on feed update

Binary checksums

sha1: f58c9085f00472d93401c6e1a4f92efd87cd3f0b
sha256: 996319e3aa7c2c656c400d8967d00017d133e03ef5a3f6afb065040d46a11206

sha1: 8a0177044f8471165ad74a716563ae54a579fb64
sha256: 507361ab178e22132cc491941a47545d5bb7adc1f29b2d8493060ae2dd11438b


Thanks for keeping me up to date, Svk!
Upvoted & Followed you as well.

Would give more up votes with screen shots of changes.

Thanks for the info!
Good job!

I was waiting for this hopefully - thanks.

It would be nice to have it come back to mac, I actually can't upgrade.

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