Bitshares GUI release 2.0.160829

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New GUI release with several important bug fixes, mobile improvements and new features.

Firefox backups working again

For the hosted wallets and Openledger this release fixes the "Invalid format" bug in Firefox that was preventing backups from being restored.

Scam accounts highlighted

There are several scam accounts created to profit from users trying to transfer their funds to exchanges like Bittrex and Polonium. These accounts use slightly misspelled versions of the account names for those exchanges, like polonie-wallet or bittrex-deopsit. The transfer dialog will now display a warning if you've entered one of those account names in the to field.

Poloniex scam account warning

Better access to brain key restore

The Restore from brainkey functionality used to be hidden under the Create new wallet page. This release adds From brainkey as an option to the the restore options in the settings, making it far more intuitive to restore your wallet using a brain key.

Deposit/Withdraw layout and copy button

The layout on mobile for the deposit/withdraw screen has been improved, and a Copy address button has been added that will let you easily copy the address to the clipboard.

A link has also been added to the mobile menu that lets you access the Deposit/Withdraw page more easily.

Deposit/Withdraw copy address button

Notable bug fixes

  • A bug in the component responsible for translating Help content was preventing fallbacks to English when translation keys were missing. This caused the GUI to freeze and has been fixed.
  • Wallet creation with no valid inputs is no longer possible.
  • The last market price is now shown in the market pairs of the Dashboard page.
  • The Chat window can now be minimised properly and docked to the right side.

The binaries can be found on the release page. Full release notes can be found below:

New features

  • Hash checksums for all binaries
  • Add copy address/memo buttons to deposit, improve mobile layout
  • Improve transfer layout, add exchange scam account warnings
  • Add option to move BuySell below Orderbook
  • Add brainkey option to Settings Restore page
  • Add API selection to SyncError page, improve the error message

Bug fixes

  • Fix price display in MarketCards
  • Add proposed operation id to summary
  • Add deposit/withdraw to mobile menu
  • Fix hiding of disabled chat window
  • Fix WalletCreate submit with invalid inputs, close #860
  • Fix BackupBrainkey navigation
  • Hide input spinner in Firefox
  • Use newest version of node-libs-browser, fixes backups in Firefox close
  • Fix HelpContent 'en' locale fallback

Binary checksums

sha1: d5d352c4eadb0c6643f4f13b4c7c8e98ba2a1fb3
sha256: db4cebfdeddc7d0aa37746d78f1dd0b67f52e38acdb7d6ff4cb95c941aa55163

sha1: 9229084e82c024dcf7692468a697a2fb33d1bdc8
sha256: de3c7a95e9f49af16c745a7756be7a6c4f8796cdbba8f185106ed709582fde4b

sha1: 75ef6c3e1743858e7972b0acf1a96dee3a59e846
sha256: 5667057d1c1455e015a59e345d81fd65e9e867ccdab4959047ae071cd83aab8e


very good the anti-scam protection! very nice @svk ! 8]

shume flm pune e mire

@svk, Should I uninstall old version first before installing this version?

No, just install this one on top of your old one, that way you're sure to keep your wallet. Making a backup first is never a bad idea of course, but should not be necessary.

Thank you for good work!

Great work, as always. I would kiss you for that Firefox fix.

Great work svk!
As more and more users are coming to use wallet, the API seems very busy, and sometimes it is stuck. Is it possible to auto connect the least busy API or display how busy each API is?

Thks @svk for your work. It's appreciated. I've been using Bitshares wallet for a while and I see changes coming in. It amazing to see how things are improving and I feel proud when talking to my crypto friend about bitshares. Congratulation!

Cool article! Welcome to me blog @alex2016

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