Bitshares GUI release 2.0.160524b

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New features and bug fixes summary.

Edit: I've pushed updated binaries for OSX and Ubuntu that fix the deposit/withdrawals page and adds OPEN.LISK as an option.

This is mainly a bug fix release, but it also includes a refactoring of the account and wallet creation screens to make things easier to understand for new users. The wallet management screens have also been updated for better flow and ease of use.

The main features of this release are:

  1. Account and wallet creation updates
  2. Wallet management updates
  3. OPEN.LISK asset added to featured markets

The full release notes can be found below, and you can find the binaries here:

New features
- Improvements to account creation and wallet creation pages
- Improvements to wallet management
- Update several 3rd party libraries
- Add Lisk symbol and OPEN.LISK to dashboard, homogenize icon sizes

Bug fixes
- Fix tooltip bug causing the screen to scroll to the top
- Add some padding to Dashboard sides
- Allow Transfer page recent history to take full height
- Change purple link/button color to blue
- Fix unrestrained icon height issues in the dashboard
- Scroll the Chat to the bottom if the footer visibility changes
- Chinese translation updates
- Fix Chatbox not scrolling to bottom on new messages
- Fix a bug that made the cli_wallet unable to decode GUI memos
- Fix the BlockTrades gateway, which was not validating withdrawal addresses correctly

As always, feel free to ask questions here and I'll adress them as best I can!


is this bug fixes for steemit???

No this is for the Bitshares wallet.

Bitshares Web Wallet and download-able light clients for Win/Mac/Linux.
Not the mobile "BitShares Wallet".

It's running fast and smooth now.

@svk you know the withdrawal tab under blocktrades stalls? For all the gateways actually I think.

not just me, this poor sire too.

anonymous125: the withdrawing of openledger doesnt work
anonymous125: why ?
anonymous125: is is always showing me the loading view

I've pushed updated binaries that fixes this issue, also adds OPEN.LISK to withdrawals.

It's working fine for me on Openledger, are you getting any errors in the console?

what console...? I'm using the latest mac binary btw.

could you in the future reverse order price in Open orders tab, or add revers option - same like in exchange tab,
and add clear button for search filds?

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