[PSA] Do you hold 'OBITS.WARRANT' on the Bitshares network?? - Last day to execute your conversion to 'OBITS'

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Holders of OBITS.WARRANT have the right to convert 1 OBITS.WARRANT to the Openledger 'OBITS' token during 2017 for the cost of 0.16 BitUSD per OBIT.WARRANT

This offer is only available during 2017 and as of the 1 January 2018 these OBITS.WARRANT tokens will be invalid.

Please see the asset description HERE for official guidance. A copy of the asset description can also be found below

OBITS warrant 2017
Every OBITS Warrant gives you the right during 2017 to convert to not publicly released OBITS tokens. Per 1 January 2018 these OBITS warrants will then be invalid. Conversion rate: 1 OBITS Warrant + 0,16 BitUSD = 1 OBITS token.
OBITS Warrants are offered as part of certain ICO's presented by OpenLedger as a bonus offer. The % of paid amount at the moment 10% will be used to buy OBITS Warrants on the market and then burn existing OBITS tokens.
Redeem your OBITS with OBITS.WARRANT, please send to Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger on e-mail ronny@ccedk.com, telling your interest and same time send to account: obits.warrant2017
The OBITS.WARRANT you wish to redeem + 0,16 bitUSD per OBITS you wish to redeem with mentioned warrants
send to account: obits.warrant2017
Thank you

At current market price of OBITS according to CoinMarketCap is $1.50 USD and prices are $1.57 on the Bitshares DEX.

This means that any holders of OBITS.WARRANT could claim their OBITS conversion (at a cost of 0.16 BitUSD each) and receive OBITS giving them a $1.40 gain per unit converted.

Please be aware that conversions are done manually and price may change before conversion is completed.

According to Cryptofresh there are still 191 traders that have not executed this right.

Wishing everyone a happy 2018 and a safe and enjoyable NYE!

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@steempower first of all I wanted to wish you Happy New Year! Thanks for updating on this crypto before it was too late. This speaks a lot about you.

I really appreciate your support for the 11 chapter/posts full Steemit guide. Your support together with @blocktrades , @lukestokes , @cryptographic , @ebarhains , @teamsteem , @enki and many other steemians are really making a huge difference and definitely making reach many more people and hands, thus my aim of helping new visitors, new steemit users and minnows to understand as much as possible of the steem blockchain and steemit, and thus help them make their way on the platform, is becoming a reality.

I posted some hours ago post/Chapter #3: Understanding About voting power, the rewards pool, and were do resources come from.

Here is the link to the post:

Looking forward to your feedback and hear some words from you in the comments section of any of the chapters so as to enlighten the chapters more with your knowledge and experience, if you get a chance.

Regards, @gold84

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Thanks for advice..Really holding OBITS entitles you to become a part owner of the bright future that lies ahead of OpenLedger. OBITS are the official digital token of the OpenLedger DC, allowing token holders to reap a proportional share of the profits on OpenLedger, and any further projects added in the future.


Are OBITS.WARRANT the same as OBITS??? If so, I will need to make that trade a.s.a.p.!?!

Thanks again for the info, namaste :)

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Thanks a lot for the last minute note on this urgent matter!

Are OBITS.WARRANT the same as OBITS??? If so, I will need to make that trade a.s.a.p.!?!

Thanks again for the info, namaste :)

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