Bitshares - State of the Network - 18th April 2017

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Welcome to the 31st Bitshares State of the Network (BSotN) report. I release this report weekly to look at the changes in the ecosystem and track longer term changes in a effort to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares platform.

Bitshares - State of the Network - 18th April 2017

The Bitshares State of the Network Reports seeks to combine raw data from a wide range of metrics and combine them into meaningful information to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares network.

Observation from this week

This section will highlight any observations made while analysing the data.

  • BitUSD is still worth $1 USD!

  • Bitshares smartcoins (Assets that represent a pegged stable value in popular fiat and commodities such as BitUSD,BitCNY, BitEUR, BitBTC, BitGold and BitSilver) have shown huge growth in value in the last few weeks. This increase in value is due to increased issuance of smartcoins (smartcoin issuance requires BTS to be locked to a protocol level smart contract and are used as collateral for these pegged assets). As a special treat i have plotted the data for these assets in USD terms which you can see at the bottom of this section; the chart's clearly shows a 3x increase in value of these assets in the last 2 months with a total value of 1.2 Million USD this week.

  • @svk has released a new version of the Bitshares Light wallet (v v2.0.170418) this release addresses some bug fixes. Find the change log and download the newest client HERE

  • @blockchained (blckchnd) created a Ruble MPA in preparation to the official launch of RuDEX Open Beta on 18th of April, which will include an automated fiat gateway that will be announced when it is ready, and is now looking for witnesses/committee members to provide price feeds to make the asset more robust. If you are interested please contact us in our bitshares talk thread, or in Telegram we in turn can offer our proxy votes for your witness/committee member. It is possible to manually onramp/offramp funds via RuDEX gateway. Changebot escrow is used, which is probably familiar to any Russian users who exchanged their Steem/Golos/SBD/GBG via @on0tole

  • Ronny Boesing (CEO of OpenLedger) has leaked the first photos of Bitshares, OBITS and ICOO integrated into a Russian BTM (Bitcoin ATM); no official announcement has been made yet but i have included some photos below

  • Peerplays have announced a new ICO model that will help investors by not requiring the use of private keys to redeem their tokens for anyone investing after the change has launched. This will greatly simplify the process of being a part of the future of gambling on the blockchain. Details have not been officially announced yet but they will be updating the ico model and providing guidance in the coming weeks. Also this week has seen an article from Bitcoin Magazine titled "Peerplays Kills the House: How Blockchain Gambling Just Got Real" which you can read about HERE

  • @bitshares-munich mobile apps Blockpay "S" and the Smartcoin wallet have had an updated release on the google play store; download the latest versions HERE

  • @btswolf @fav and @suika have created a short video on short selling Smartcoins in particular BitUSD, the video covers the concepts of short selling BitUSD using BTS as collateral then covering your position in profit; for more information see the post HERE

  • Embermine - "a smart contract platform designed to empower users in ALL of their projects by GUARANTEEING proper revenue and royalty share between all collaborators." proposes to use solidity smart contracts on a Graphene based DPOS blockchain. Embermine have launched there ICO. find out more details of the project HERE

  • Daniel Pineda (founder of APPTRADE.IO - "The stockmarket of apps") has released updated information regarding the valuation of their ICO and core token APPX as well as a 100k investment from a strategic investor. Check out the update HERE or checkout their synopsis HERE

  • Steepshot token has been registered with the description 'This token represent shares in SteepShot company'. Steepshot is a platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience. The project team is @pmartynov, @vitality, @anch, @korzunav, @kirill.volkov and @nikitz. you can find more details about the project and download the alpha release HERE and keepup with the latest news @steepshot

  • @virtualgrowth is doing a weekly market update and token give away; Check out his post and vote on your favorite asset HERE, if you leave you Bitshares username in the comment you may even be one of the lucky recipients of the token giveaway.

  • This weeks Bitshares hangout recording has been published and is available HERE

  • This weeks Beyond Bitcoin hangout recording has been published. This week had talks from @peerplays @virtualgrowth @cm-steem and @peerity-io you can find more details and last weeks recording HERE

  • Current registered wallets/accounts within the Bitshares network is 163687; an increase of 1254 wallets/accounts since last week

  • The last asset registered this week is asset #1342 and it is named 'BIXIN' registered by 'ddd888' with the description 'bixin'. ddd888 also registered another 7 assets this week which seem to represent popular exchanges and tokens such as HUOBI, POLONIEX, ANTPOOL, DOGE, GOLEM, STRATIS and BTCTRADE. ddd888 has a voting weight of 6 million BTS and is responsible for shorting 70,000 CNY with 5.1 Million BTS collateral i.e this is not a spam account

6 Month traffic stats for r/bitshares - March

Bitshares BTM - Russia

Smartcoin growth over time - YTD

Stablecoin options comparison matrix created by BTSwolf

sorry for going crazy with pictures this week ;)

Bitshares Distribution

This sections seeks to analyse the current distribution of the network. We look at the current supply, top 100 hodlers, Orders on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Reserve pool balance and Income growth.

DistributionBalanceChange W/WChange W/W %
BTS Supply2,595,970,474 1,223,195.000.05%
BTS Stealth266,871-0.00%
BTS in Open Orders (DEX)16,376,819.45 2,254,187.4516.03%
Reserve Pool1,004,608,168 -1,215,096.00-0.12%
RP Accumulated fees13,437 -1,246.00-4.54%
Collateral (top 250) backing Smartcoins412978194 16,159,351.004.32%
Top 100 Total1,346,618,039 -18,279,344.34-1.34%
Top 100 - minus Exchanges515,814,461 24,167,210.314.72%
Exchanges830,803,577 -42,446,554.65-4.99%
Non Exchanges1,765,166,897 43,669,749.652.51%

Profit/Expenses from the Bitshares Reserve Pool

The chart below show historic profit/expense from the Bitshares Reserve Pool where a positive number represents a W/W profit and a negative number means a W/W expense; Bitshares expenses include witness and worker pay and income includes network fees.

BTS Trading

Looking at the most active trading pairs for Bitshares (BTS). Data displayed is a 24 hour snapshot as taken on the date of this report and not a reflection on the week as a whole.

MarketLast PricePrice USD24hr Vol BTS24hr Vol USDVol %Vol % Change W/W

Worker Proposals

This section will identify the current approved and pending worker proposals

Active Worker:

Proposed Worker

DEX: Most Active Markets

This section will show the BTS markets within the DEX and seek to highlight the most active markets.

The most active base pair is BTS and the top 3 pairs are BTS, CNY and Open.BTC


This sections seeks to analyse the current supply and market capitalisation of the Bitshares Smartcoins.

AssetSupplyPriceMarket Cap BTSMarket Cap USDSupply Change W/W
BTS2,595,970,4740.010960932,595,970,474$28,454,250.65 0.0471%
BTS Stealth266,8710.01096093266,871$2,925.150.00%
Reserve Pool1,004,608,1680.010960931,004,608,168$11,011,439.81 -0.1208%
Accumulated fees13,4370.0109609313,437$147.28 -8.49%
BitUSD588,52791.453,791,368$589,603.42 6.91%
BitCNY3,537,68313.2646,909,677$514,173.68 32.25%
BitEUR22,7530.3868,783$96.27 14.18%
BitBTC41.3111,8874,620,933$50,649.72 6.72%
BitGold11.44116,8401,336,650$14,650.92 1.06%
BitSilver2,1961,6763,680,496$40,341.66 9.04%

Referral Stats

This section will track user referrals, to gauge active refers overtime. The chart below shows in blue the total number of referred users and in orange the new referrals for this week.

AccountReferralsChange W/W

Vote Proxies

This section will track the change in proxy voting

AccountOpinionsFollowersWeight (M)Weight Change (M)
xeroc35168253.3 2.1
bitcrab6223190.7 8.6
baozi216477.4 0.1
laomao35355.1 2.4
bitshares-munich-wallet71330.4 2.1
fav144114.6 0.3
jonnybitcoin351813.3 -0.2
abit4223712 0.2
harvey57510.5 -1.5

Committee Members

This section will track shareholder approval of committee members

AccountVotes (M)Votes Change (M)
bitcrab761.2 166.9
abit727.8 127.7
chris4210720.8 7.9
bhuz690.2 6.5
clayop633.9 8.9
xeroc626.2 6
bunkerchainlabs-com547.8 6
ebit428.5 7
openledgerdc346.2 4.8
fav323.2 2.6
harvey-xts307.6 7

Active Witnesses

This section will track top 25 active witnesses and the changes in support

RankWitnessVotesMissedMissed W/W
1in.abit 1.6.35 786.9133
2abc123 1.6.65 769.48402
3bhuz 1.6.17 7541093
4wackou 1.6.18 745.912711
5delegate.baozi 1.6.37 742.8101919
6fox 1.6.16 736.328931
7 witness.yao 1.6.71 734.62136
8 verbaltech2 1.6.34 730.811971
9rnglab 1.6.45 722.21275
10xman 1.6.64 722.111348
11jerryliu 1.6.72 713.727481
12xn-delegate 1.6.59 690.42286
13witness.still 1.6.69 656.382731
14delegate-clayop 1.6.27 655.23350
15xeldal 1.6.22 600.3920
16datasecuritynode 1.6.49 565.55546760
17roadscape 1.6.13 5541374
18 sahkan-bitshares 1.6.73 475.1152152
19 delegate.freedom 1.6.63 450.83570
20 harvey-xts 1.6.23 440.549521
21 delegate.ihashfury 1.6.26 429.48661
22 spartako 1.6.15 369.59682
23 mr.agsexplorer 1.6.24 348.8824
24 spectral 1.6.30 326.92208
25 delegate.taolje 1.6.38 315.2883

Top 100 Distribution including Exchanges

This section looks at the top 100 rich list and compares account balances, this section will seek to identify changes in ownership which may lead to interesting investigations and early warning signs of upcoming projects

RankAccountBalance(include orders)OrdersChange W/WChange W/W %
2bitcc-bts-cold236419025.90-20,000,005.11 -7.80%
3poloniexwallet184040203.10-16,960,316.91 -8.44%
4bittrex-deposit38360618.4201,340,828.42 3.62%
6stan20618873.650-0.35 0.00%
7yun-bts20138250.0602,396,289.06 13.51%
14abit10678329.77355254.2046199,996.77 1.91%
19jiny29263140.16500.16 0.00%
20jonnybitcoin8999999.8530-244,421.15 -2.64%
21roje8850429.5780-0.42 0.00%
25comp68144303.7120-0.29 0.00%
28bc-godpay7563436.05800.06 0.00%
30haeassa-granovsky7431931.35300.35 0.00%
31blocktrades7138288.0836677.3387256,771.08 0.80%
33bitcc-bts-withdrawal6653442.19903,812,301.20 134.18%
34abinia-rivard6550562.9540-0.05 0.00%
36ironbank6144951.6458000-1,000,002.36 -14.00%
37ubris5900000.04900.05 0.00%
38alexna645869988.93902,413,901.94 69.84%
39dev.bitsharesblocks5776925.878679522.0174427,541.88 7.99%
40fericia-brick5766622.7270-0.27 0.00%
42onceuponatime5593495.6090-200,005.39 -3.45%
43miso695478228.7370-0.26 0.00%
44linhan5425094.7210-0.28 0.00%
47bts-morning5372840.0090554,398.01 11.51%
48bristolbay5325003.6720-0.33 0.00%
49spring5316285.4740411,175.47 8.38%
50xhunter5233238.2700.27 0.00%
51jeraud-kanze5172698.48700.49 0.00%
53ccedk.escrow25030292.760-0.24 0.00%
60btsxzzh24348432.4600.46 0.00%
61slim4153504.02900.03 0.00%
62quonael-lievesley4087235.1900.19 0.00%
67wesley-waugaman3921027.34100.34 0.00%
70smartass3569171.70703,469,171.71 3469.17%
73mike-primorac3479329.45300.45 0.00%
76nethyb3442787.37500.38 0.00%
80bafohald-degeorge3189865.9470-0.05 0.00%
83null-account3011944.7660-0.23 0.00%
88ptschina2889985.2400.24 0.00%
89chryspano2840887.18700.19 0.00%
91goldsix2783142.065111820.9333-1,246,059.93 -30.93%
93trans.bot2742192.374170967.5322653,136.37 31.26%
95root2652843.3690803,913.37 43.48%
97enki2616378.9291248.37381,378,608.92 111.38%

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I've begun using your reports as part of my regular marketing package. Nothing shows the health of the BitShares ecosystem better!

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What is your account name on bitshares? I want to try and send you some Steem as a test.

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bef430dd6b0a7f90 .
Is it possible to send steem via bitshares??

You should try the light wallet. It's very powerful and not centralised. You could try and register the userame that you have listed here.

I sent Steem from my account here to the BitShares wallet and now I want to send it to another members BitShares wallet. I'm trying out the various faeatures.

I'll try it out later, when I have more time. Mostly Apps are only available for Android, but I have an iPhone.

OK let me know! Have a great day @freiheit50!

@kus-knee is right the light wallet is very powerful and best of all LIGHT (~80mb install and no blockchain download) and if you haven't seen it yet you will be blown away when you see it.

Also once you have an official name you can check out @vitualgrowth for some token give aways and get some bonus coins in your wallet

Thank you @freiheit50, it is a very flexible platform with a lot going on; glad i could shine a bit of light on it for you. if you jump in and have any question i recommend joining the very active BitsharesDEX telegram chat

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