Steem Factory Mining Income Report - 7/1/2017 - Earned $128.50

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Here is the Steem Factory Mining Report for the week ending 7/1/2017. This report details the cryptocurrency mining statistics of our operation.

Weekly Mining Statistics - 7/1/2017

CoinAmount      USDTotal USD
Weekly Subtotal$128.50
Previous Subtotal$1826.90

Equipment Challenges

Our GPU mining rig is unstable and does not operate consistently. Our troubleshooting points to either a defective GPU or power supply. It is not cost effective to replace the parts on this rig, therefore it will be retired. Fortunately, Curecoin was the only coin being mined with this rig.

Our ASIC mining rig is operational and we are still mining Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Viacoin.


We started the project 3 months ago, and have since distributed over 55,000 STEEMFACTORY tokens. During this same time, the value of the token as steadily decreased. So we have concluded to stop the distribution of the token.

Feedback Results

Last week we asked you, the Steem Factory community, to submit your own ideas on how to increase the value of the STEEMFACTORY token. User @HSM818 suggested we sell upvotes in exchange for STEEMFACTORY tokens. We really like this idea for two reasons:

  • It creates a demand for the STEEMFACTORY token
  • The implementation of this is really simple. We can just upvote your recent comment on the mining reward post, after verifying your STEEMFACTORY deposit.

How To Buy An Upvote With STEEMFACTORY?

Note: First, you must have a Bitshares DEX account. If you don't have a DEX account, click here to create one.

  1. On the Bitshares DEX, send 50 STEEMFACTORY to pairmike account. In the memo field, put in your Steemit account name.
  2. Upvote the weekly Steem Factory Mining Report and leave a comment confirming your upvote purchase.

This will be a manual process initially. We are in talks with Whaleshares discussing the prospects of adding STEEMFACTORY to their project. We credit Whaleshares with this concept and do not claim to be inventor of this idea.


Upvotes will be given by the @pairmike account. Currently, it has more voting power than the @steemfactory account.


As always, we welcome your feedback and we appreciate your continued support!

Thanks @steemfactory

P.S. We are a proud member of @the50

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Thanks @steemfactory for considering my suggestion, i'll definitely use it just like @randowhale .


Just sent 50 Steemfactory token to "pairmike" with steemit username in memo field for upvotes. Thanks again for taking this initiative.


Upvote given. Thank you so much.

Upvote confirmation


Upvote given! Thank you so much.

Great. You all really do read the post! Thanks.

First!!! lol

I just sent you (pairmike) 50 steemfactory tokens. I'm happy to be part of this experiment. Have a great weekend!

Edit: Or maybe second :P Looks like bitshares101 beat me by 30 seconds. :D


Upvote given! Thank you so much.

I support this idea with @virtualgrowth & @steemprentice and look forward how we may continue to share and grow (STEEM) wealth together.
virtual-growth sent 50 STEEMFACTORY to pairmike virtualgrowth
I may also share some votes here and there with this initiative.


Upvote given! Thank you so much.

Upvote confirmation


Upvote given! Thank you so much.

Upvote confirmation


Upvote given! Thank you so much.

wow great


Thanks for reading.

Thanks @steemfactory I just resteemed the post as always


Thank you! I'm following you.

Nice topic Greetings Happy day