Microsoft Excel Wallet for bitshares : Rewriting API Node

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On works....

Hi , this is a quick post to show how development is going

We have created a small project on github , where we are building a new API Node

Thanks to the help from @luisan00 , who is dealing with the websockets , we have got to replace the functionality of the old APi,so now we can run "get account balances " from the new api , next step will be try to implement the transactions from the Excel

The new API node

So , right now I see three different ways of implementing the Excel Wallet

  • Use the "MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP" VBA object
  • This will be the way we are actually working on, the advantage is that it can be used from any Excel version in Windows , without any external library, the contra is that it will be hard to work asynchronous

  • Create a .NET Excel ADDIN
  • This will make easier to work with sockets , and also we would not need an API node ,so we will conect directly to the full node,the problem with this is that will probably work from Windows 8

  • Using asynchronous calls from VBA using libs like VBA-WEB
  • This will be the last way I would try , since it will probably be hard to get to work

    Pulling account balances from the new API

    Well , since Luis and me are learning something new everyday , we appreciate any advice you can give to us

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    Here you can find the Excel Workbook , code is open , so you can check it , although it is still quite messy,and node api server is still on works , feel free to use it

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