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Whats happened to BTS on Friday?
And how you can win in the game when you can`t control situation and rules are changed constantly ?

-40% Loss in 2H

BTS 1.png

Part 1 Bulls Get Rekt

So wtf just happened that Friday ?

1 Chinese Arbitrage between exchanges

Well after the news of closing CN exchanges chineese starts to dump BTS and other alts..

2 Stop Loss Orders

Stop orders trigered when we brokes 2000

3 Long Positions Liquidations

When the price starts to fall, in order to protect your position you have to sell a bit
Example you opened long at 2800, your Luquidation price is 2350.
If you approach 2350 in order to protect you have to sell a bit so if you sell 10%
your new liquidation price would be 2050 for exemple ...

But on massive scale it just put`s Oil in the FIRE!!!

So people who went Long on Margin Trading and didn`t did this just was insta rekt by Margin Call illimination....

4 Bears Shorts....

And we have olso people who saw opportunity to Short.

PART 2 Bears Get REKT

Win Back 62.5% in 3 Hours

Well people who shorted BTS starts to closed they SHORT positions by buying so the price moves up and of course this epic bull reversal......

BTS 2.png
Why p


I went long on BTS because i really believe in this project and get rekt around 75% of my capital.
Catastrophe on my BANKROL, i am mad it`s just destroy me my dreams and my plans.

This market is so manipulated by whales and Chinese , and i loss my hope on it.

Personally it`s remember me some sort of Casino, where only BANK ( whales ) win..

What do you think ?

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China really, really doesn't want BTS to moon. I don't who or why dumps BTS so hard, and they never seem to run out. The good news is they can't keep it up forever and a lot of BTS moved out of China last week. BTS should be in the top 10 on CMC and the only reason it isn't is because of a group in China that dumps the living hell out of BTS every time it goes on a run. Like a whack a mole. The day they run out we will see $1BTS in a week..

There is gonna be a new all-time high for BTS before the end of the year. Look at the volume, consistently among the top 5 on Poloniex and Bittrex. All other coins among the top 5 are above $1 billion marketcap.

Well I'm sorry. It is unfair that the big money is messing with the markets. I've gotten mad over it a few times. I'm learning from my experiences. But they make us smarter. For now all I can do is take the hit and keep moving. Once I free myself maybe I can duck and maybe one day get enough people to give one back (morally, ethically, legally ) :)
For me I betted on silver and big money put it's foot on silvers price. But I holding on
Cause truth is truth.
I use bitshares to get whaleshares to help me on steemit. Things will get better. :)

@dreamingirwin not sure how to send you a message, so placing it here. forgive me if this is unorthodox, was just wondering howcome i am seeing a reduction in the initial amount earned on one of my posts? is it something i did? please advise. thank you, your help and input greatly appreciated.

Well. A post loses a small percentage everyday until it cashes out. Then when it cashes out it splits 50 fifty. So half in sb and half sp. That's usually what you get. But it expires after 7 days and you no longer earn on it. Is that what you meant

@dreamingirwin yes that is exactly my question, i just wondered, thought people we down voting the post, lol

No don't worry. I thought the same thing. You should try your best to always have one post that's under six days that way others can show you love. If your post is older then six day value can't be added to it. You might be missing out in community love by letting that happen.

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