Stan Visits Guiyang China

in bitshares •  10 months ago

Well, at the insistence of Jademont, I find myself being given the royal VIP treatment here in Guiyang. Who knew? I had never heard of it before. It's a bit bigger than my home town of Floyd, VA which would fit inside a few Guiyang city blocks!

And what an opening ceremony. They do things up BIG here in China!

My wonderful guides here in Guiyang!

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You clean up pretty good, Stan. Nice suit and tie :-)

Haha, you and Sisi have very similar gesture, making me a little redundant -_-


Nobody can make you redundant!

Way to go Stan walking the talk :)

That's awesome! Sounds like a good time man :) You might end up staying longer lol

Cool, have a nice Time !

I lived in China for 15 years and I must say the hospitality, like you describe it, is incredible. Very cool that the location is in Guiyang. They have a lot of minorities living in Fuiyang with different culture and architecture - it's a beautiful place.

If I'm not mistaken 茅台酒 Maotai, the strong Chinese rice wine is made there. If they offer it to you go easy on that stuff, you could probably use it for rocket fuel

Impressive Stan, have a good productive stay in the big city!

Would u like to share some videos?

Sometimes we won't know how they act in other places and how beautiful other places are if we don't leave our own place. We tend to know more about the world when we leave our home by travelling to many different places. This enables us to have more experience and know more about people at different places.

@stan I knew China will have an accommodating nature due to some act I watch in movies and some of my friends who had gone there for business. You are also looking very great in this picture and I can see your impact.

Just look at how beautiful the sitting arrangement is and take a look at the beautiful buildings. This is very lovely.

Thanks for sharing this @stan.. More success and blessings with love from @hardaeborla😊🙌😁

aghhhhh I wanna go. So awesome!

Expected to read a longer post.. @stan can you please write more about it?

Impressive Stan, You look awesome . : - )

@stan Thanks alot for out educate the public ....


Hope to see BitShares join are History....

Best Regards

VIP looking...