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I wish these guys had asked about BTS - ledger nano/trezor integration. Would be great to get that on the roadmap!


The project was started but ran out of funds.


Is there much need for it tho with the local backup wallet you can make using BTS?

Larimer family = machine =D

I agree with the purchase of EOS and I add TRON and MANA

I enjoyed this one. It's amazing how much information you can fit into a single answer and still keep it interesting. It's hard sometimes when so much back story and extra information is required to convey the idea but you do it well. A couple times I thought you had got distracted by a point you wanted to make, but you brought it all around, just teeing yourself up to knock it out of the park. : )


I agree with you, this is very interesting and I really enjoy this @xeldal

There should be more information about local wallet backup.