Slides from Stan's Two Pitches in China

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Well, I'm sitting in a United lounge in Chicago with a weather-extended 12 hour (and counting) layover before the last leg home from China. It was a fantastic experience (China, not Chicago). My hosts somehow had me confused with a VIP (and I didn't tell them any different).

The Chinese press has given me the very dignified title of "BM Daddy" although I never once mentioned there was any family relationship. (BM stands for "Bytemaster" Dan's long-abandoned handle which it appears China loves and will never give up.)

Here are the slides from my two presentations, for the record.

May 26, 2018

"High Level 15 Minute Briefing Suitable for Government Officials"

The main points of this presentation were brilliantly reconstructed by Michael Taggart from a very rough Chinese transcript in yesterday's post on Medium: Stan Larimer Discusses BitShares, Steem, EOS at China International Big Data Indurstry Expo 2018

I was delighted that my "Silk Skyway" extension to President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative turned out to be right on the mark. Afterward, I spotted this sign outside the main venue. Great minds think alike.

May 28, 2018

"More Detailed 20 Minute Briefing on the State of DPOS"

The main point of this briefing was that 4 years ago to the day, Dan Larimer gave a Keynote address at Inside Bitcoin in Las Vegas where he announced Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), an alternative to POW Mining, that would save the industry $300,000,000.00 or more a year in wasted electricity - enough to fund 100 startups with $3M every year. Crickets. Then, 30 months ago (the week DPOS started running on BitShares 2.0), I told a Shanghai Bitcoin Summit Scalability panel that the scalability problem had been solved and everyone should simply switch to DPOS. Crickets. Fast forward to today and DPOS now handles 70% of the world's public transactions. With the launch of EOS, that can't help but quickly become a much higher percentage. So it would not be accurate to say that the blockchain industry is based on mining any longer. Crickets.

You get the idea.

Lots of New Friends

Chinese Hospitality

I was treated to some amazing Chinese food and even better company at a traditional business dinner gathering.

Final Day - Native Tour of the Chinese Hinterlands

Here's the furthest point I've explored in China - a waterfall two hours west of Guiyang, where the Big Data Expo was just completed and an incredible cave. Many thanks to Shan Shan of dCamp, who encouraged Jademont to invite me to attend and provided an all-day tour into the countryside. This was far "above and beyond the call of duty" and much appreciated. (I'll tell you about the "Creature from the Lost Lagoon" strategy we came up with ... in a year or two.)

If you've never heard of Guiyang, you will. Here's a map for the geographically challenged.

My hat is off to China. I felt right at home there. They made sure of it!

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Wonderful report! I am very glad that you enjoyed your trip in China.
Just like I discussed with some officials from China government, DPOS is the best choice for blockchain applications used by government , as it is a controllable decentralization. You can not imagine POW can be used in this scenario.


Excellent point!


LOL - Resistance is futile.

This must have been a hard sell. As most mining is concentrated in China they don’t really have any incentive to switch to DPOS (massively sweeping generalisation there I know). Presentation looks great though.


The miners will, of course, never switch. However any business considering what platform to use to service their customers should find this verrry interesting!


I completely agree. The days of miner monopolies are numbered. The future is indeed very bright.

So you are saying they still dont get it...that DPOS is still an underappreciated system?

Oh well...perhaps when the three blockchains @dan created are doing 90% of all blockchain traffic, someone will pay attention.

By the way, you will love this...I saw an interview with "Bitcoin Jesus" who was bragging that BCash is now 30 times faster than Bitcoin. Using my rudimentary math skills I figures out that he was bragging about 240 transactions per second.

Then, he talked about all the development on Bcash and I look at the number of transactions...15K per day....something doesnt line up there.

Me thinks there is a bit of snake oil salesman in that one.


LOL. You can't make this stuff up!


Hi @taskmaster4450 ! I believe that after EOS starts getting more an more projects out there (since its very popular now), Steem and BTS will also benefit a lot from it, because many people will turn to DPOS systems.

15k txs per day if Bcash vs. 100k to 1 million per second that EOS will do is not a comparison. I really don't know what are those devs teams trying to do with pow systems, that are really very difficult to scale.

Regards, @gold84


@gold84 Yeah it is baffling that people still cling to POW. The @dan trio plus some other blockchains are proving that POS tied to Graphene provide a much better system overall.

@stan this is fantastic!!!
~ @bluerocktalk 🖖

Bitshares ROCKS!

Hiii @stan Love to see you here in photographs while briefing about EOS from BTS, your slides in china is really appreciated. Impressive personality and a big name in cryptos. LOL

Hah, that Waterfall is just a bit from northern Laos border! Next time catching a plane without thinking... Hope to see you this year in Thailand! With my Guardian brother @michaelx ofc :)

Asia is full of surprises ;)

Hi @stan ! Amazing times for BTS, EOS and Steem are on the way!
You definitely left the 3 Dpos techs in great standing for people in China.

Regards, @gold84

Wonderful post
Thankyou the sharing post sir