Last New Year's Eve this was an Awesome Peak

in bitshares •  9 months ago

Just sayin'...

And we haven't even made any of our Aussie Summer announcements yet!

Happy New Year

Addendum: First time over $2B market cap!

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Happy new year @stan. I hope we shall see peak of BTS this year

What a crazy year for Bitshares
So happy to be part of it
As soon as I have fiat money, it's always the first thing I buy followed by EOS
BTS is Still so undervalued.
Thank you and wish to all of us a fantastic 2018 year :)

Nice! lol I love bitshares. I have a question since I just found out about lifetime memberships. Is the 1,476 bts or whatever it is a constant figure? I bought a bunch of bts at 5 cents a few months ago should I have bought my lifetime membership then for like $70 usd instead of the $1,000 usd it would cost me today?


Wait till they adjust it ... once in a Blue Moon


Please let us know when lifetime membership is adjusted, i am also waiting...


Ok will do. Thank you for the quick reply


the bitshares community are currently proposing the reduced fees and lifetime membership. furhermore, they're also proposing to add annual membership so bitshares users have more options. hope these proposals will be approved and the fees will be much much lower. this will encourage more people to register for membership and make bitshares community grow much much bigger.


Hey thank you for telling me this. I'm currently waiting for a blue moon :)

2018 is going to be the year of Bitshares :)

Praying for you in this new season Stan...looking forward for this year ahead

I hope next year! LOL

your post is so fantastic, your post is so inspiration for me and all the steemit users, I am proud of you ... I love all your posts, you are fantastic in making a post, may the victory and goodness side with your work. Thank you..

Happy New Year! So happy for all BTS holders!

happy new year and may your all dreams come true :)

Cool..... Good job.

What a wild ride! What a great, end of the year surprise from BTS! Looking forward to seeing more amazing developments on Bitshares! Keep up the great work!

Happy new year too
Many best wishes to yOu

May each and every day of yours be renewed with lots of happiness and love. Happy New Year @stan


hope you also ditahun new things new thing .. always dineri health friend from greeting @mahmuddin

Happy New Year to you too and God bless you @stan and your son @dan and all your family.

I'm glad you were on Coast to Coast. It's why I have Bitshares:D

happy new year may always be given health and smooth its effort..steemit remain number 1

It will increase more and more in 2018. I may keep it and collect it.

2018 may bring a lot of unique surprises in online fields

Happy New Year!
Will we see BTS coming back to Bittrex soon?


Stan have nothing to do with getting bitshares back to bittrex. The spokesperson says they are on it. Their last progress update said "waiting for their response" and it was quite a while ago. So I think the answer is no


maybe we can do bithumb. it has more avid and crazy people there :)

Happy New Year Stan! I was at the event in Los Angeles in May and saw you and Michael talk, everything you talked about there is unfolding and it's fantastic! My only regret is not buying up more BTS when it was a nickel not too long ago...


Kinda fun going back to that video and seeing the audacious goals start to come true.

The Video

Very exciting times!

I would love to be part of it,be a member