John Gotts just violated the crypto "Code of the Hills"

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As Jed Clampett once said, "You can't violate the code of the hills"

Very sad. John Gotts, founder of Bitcoin Latina just used clawback powers reserved for legal securities to steal coins from several people, including the coins he donated to Jared Rice for his defense.

Naturally the SEC was watching those coins, and they noticed immediately in the middle of the night.

This will not end well for John.

However, there are things the BitCoin Latina community can do to fix the problem, including "hard forking" the token prior to the point that John intervened.

We will support the community's decision to recover from this unprecedented violation of Cryptocurrency ethics.

More tomorrow, when we've had a chance to analyze this.

Very embarrassing, but fixable using the tools that BitShares makes available to its users.

The money he took isn't important. The integrity of the coin is everything.


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Stan, I'm so sorry that you have had to deal with 2 projects that had more things going on behind the scenes than you and everyone are a good honest guy and have many don't deserve the way you are being treated sir

well said Shawn ! Feel sorry for all the holders of BCL who have lost coins. On a seperate note ive always wondered why it was called Bitcoin Latina if its a fork based off Ethereum

For more attention. That’s what Mr. Gotts loves isn’t it?

Probably ! I assumed it was just name dropping !

No doubt...this thing is starting to stink up the place...i'd be interested to hear what John has to say about this

I know tell you the truth, i didn't invest because I didn't know enough about it..then i saw how some of the miners were treated once they sold some of their coins, which is their right...i just got confused at all the bullhshit going on that I just backed off to see what would happen....who ever Stan has vetting these projects needs to be fired...which Im sure are his legal team or lawyers..they messed up on Arise, and now their judgment call on latina...but Stan couldn't have known this shitstorm was going to happen

I don't understand. Which blockchain are you suggesting might be forked? Surely not the bitshares blockchain? And isn't that where Jared Rice's coins were?

  ·  last year (edited)

No, not a technical blockchain fork, but the latina community could take a snapshot of their token distribution prior to John's intervention and reissue from there with a replacement that has the clawback feature disabled. We'll see what they decide to do. The key thing is to get the chain away from his control and let his edition fade into the scrapheap of history.

cheating must be eradicated.
hopefully no one else cheats on cryptocurrency.


I'm not going to make any judgment until the dust clears and John tells his side.

Did you guys see my article? It heard it got around the BTS community and helped take this scum bag down.

Just read it. Agree with hoping the project can still go on with the other team members. It's a good project. One man making one mistake should not stop it.


  ·  last year (edited)

Stan, I had a horrible feeling about John Gotts. Every time I saw him on camera the look in his eyes spoke to my inner being, not in a good way either. He just seemed to want all of the attention, I was not a fan of how he always cut you and @bluerocktalk off. You are so kind to Connie, and he was not always. Even if he did it in a sly manner.

I hate hearing this news, but I gotta say... I saw something like this coming. Stay strong Stan, you are a wonderful soul and are going to continue to do great things. Love you brother.

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System 1 in action!
(Thinking Fast and Slow)

Supreme balance.

@johnskotts mention to me to follow you and read about bitshares. I’m new and learning. Thanks for your post

Hey Stan I was told to check you out from my friend @resteemerdeluxe we’re new to the whole blockchain and steemit. We just got our bitshare id. We’re learning reading and trying and are part of this beautiful community. It’s great to read great work. I will surely pass you on to various little groups I’m part of. Thank you and good luck ❤️

I love every single article bashing BCL and John. two gifts that keep and keep giving!

How much BCL did he take from you in terms of BTS @stan?

look in the "stan" account and check it's transaction history. I never touched any of those coins from the time he giveth till he taketh away.

WOW!!! For those who are interest on how much John took from Stan the picture is below. That's the kind of money that people kill over. Very sad. Last interview John did with Connie he said,
"I do not leave anyone behind". What a tool.

Double WOW!!

Tool is the perfect word. No wonder he hides in the middle of nowhere of central USA.

@stan why are we keep attracting these kind of people to Bitshares? First was Jared Rice and now John Gotts, they’re hurting your brand and reputation. Please do your due diligence, don’t just sign up any tom dick and harry out there.

  ·  last year (edited)

@ktr - I suggest you do you own due diligence, since your question indicates you haven't.

Well. My due dilligence revealed a liar. What do I get for that? Booted from the hero group. Slandered and bible quoted. It does not add up. Except the famous vindictive nature of christianity.

Jared Rice is great, it’s John Gotts that’s the problem.

But maybe it’s all the pressure of people saying bitshares needs better marketing. Naturally, bad actors will get themselves involved in something with so much potential.

Exactly. I'm not exactly set up to give people polygraphs and anal exams. I can welcome and advise good projects. That's what I try to do for the community.

And I hope you know a lot of us appreciate all that you and your team does. Thank you, Stan.


Strange but true story. I posted a link to this blog on the Bitcoin Latino telegram group. And within the speed of a Bitshares tranaction I got a message that this group no longer exists.

Great job done by impressed..good initiative to exposer to will helpfull to the new users too.
thanks for such a good topics.

In this early morning hour, I read it and thought it said John Gotti for a second.

Applicable because this is a gangster move. It is sad that we are seeing so many with the scarcity ethics in this realm. I guess it is natural since we are talking about money. With cryptocurrency, we have the chance to create a totally different world, one where it is controlled by a few central banksters.

Nevertheless, people fail to see the abundance that is being presented, instead opting for greed and fear. We are blessed with the ability to create a world in which all share in the fortunes yet people still want to act like we are dealing with fiat....

that smy man... i want to know who is his drug dealer... he must have some gud quality drugs... i wana go


yes i've read about john gotts.
you are very right.
he often commits an offense.
this is so embarassing .
hopefully you can handle it.
I support your activity.

I hope you succeed.

Succes for you @stan
I am with you

I've had terrible experience from the beginning with BCL. There was an airdrop. I signed up for it twice, followed the rules, and didn't get it. The first time there was not field for putting your openledger username. The admins on TG never got back about the airdrop either. That was the first red flag. The method in which mining was offered seemed suspicious. The wallets were not really working at the beginning so set up the ETH fork wallet. Then a week into mining there still was no gateway on openledger to send tokens. They decided to swap the BCL ETH fork tokens for BTS and that took forever. They postponed at process for weeks, and it took way longer then they promised. When i received them I dumped the tokens because I had lost faith in the management of BCL. It was really a terrible experience and the whole time I thought it was a joke. I would not consider speculating in any project with this name. I'd reconsider a reboot of this project as it's convoluted and has a hugely tarnished name.

All of these reasons confirm my initial intuition. I’m very happy that I chose to not get involved despite all of the hype.

cheating must be eradicated.
hopefully no one else cheats on cryptocurrency.

Oh, bad news. But it's better sooner than later. We are waiting for further information

very true

Very elegant way to present you, The truth is in all your words.
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Love the picture, just wondering how many people understand who he was, you OG Stan. Just found you. Started reading up on you. Great stuff, will become a bitshare holder...New and learning. Very helpful. Thank you. Will introduce you to my many friends. Thank you

Oh crap... My heart's almost bleeding. What a blow.

Thats low....

It is a sad development to have a process owner violates it's own code.

More blockchain documented thefts...

  ·  last year (edited)