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Michael and I are pleased to announce that we have been asked to join the Board of Advisers at Eristica as as their ICO and migration to BitShares gets into full swing.

These guys have been doing their "Candid Camera" meets "Pokemon" app for several years now and its gained a LOT of traction in Russia. 1.2 million people have use their app to dare someone to do something entertaining.
This ad is in Russian but pictures give you the message! There is lots more humerous footage out on YouTube.

This will add 1.2 million new users to the BitShares ecosystem!

I'm particularly looking forward to adding it as one of the "fun things to do with Crypto" at Billion Hero

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Great news. Well done Stan and Michael. :)

Good News, Good News, Good News!!!
Keep it up guys!!

Excellent! As a Bitshares holder and active trader on the DEX, this news is very welcome.

Great work @stan and Michael!


You are very welcome!

WOW! This is the first thing I read today and totally awesome. Well done guys!

Hope it does not end like cryptokitties!
-just kidding :)


Cryptokitties demonstrated the need for real-time blockchains. What's not to like?


When you phrase it like that, I gotta say I love those kittens!

thats huge for bitshares holders,, thnx my friend

Yes bring it on!

1.2 million??Man.. I guess that will increase the CUI to .07%.

very informative post.every moment i learn something from your to read it.

'WOW Nice post. dear @stan & thanx you so much for sharing . this post now #resteem & upvote done .

Wow! Is good to wake-up every morning and read good news like this... Hodling bitshares longterm

Bitshares needs to focus on better marketing?! Supported by Ledger Nano S would also be nice..

Awesome! Thanks for joining our team, looking forward to building a better platform with you guys😎

Great post

What happened to this?? Is ERT still with BTS? I have invested a bit in ERT, but they seem so scattered now