BitShares Takes #1 Position Today

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...And we have a new activity record!

With its sweat-o-meter reading "no sweat" while Bitcoin and Ethereum read "backlogged"

Steemit still holds the 7-day average record.


i sold on 4200 satoshi and soon loking to buy back

Yes Bitshares capabilities have not even really been tested. :)

This is the same bitshares that people are saying is dead. I read so much about bitshares, that's why I paid for lifetime membership since last year.

We've only just seen the tip of the iceberg

Bitshares will be the next Nasdaq

Finally i hope bitshares gets what it deserves.
Bitshares is worth alot more than 0.4% of total marketcap.

This is beyond imagination.
Who ever would assume this to effect now.
Good post frend @stan
Thank for the update.

Haha awesome... didn't knew that you also used the gif that I posted it the dex room.

This is great to see. I've been a bitshares believer for a long time.

Bitshares is far from dead! Check the project site and the Reddit.

It is interesting to see the range that Bitshares has when it comes to the transactions. Some days this week it was at the 900K level while we now see 1.5M.

STEEM appears a bit more consistent which makes sense considering the regular activity on here.

I am glad I hold both.

I have a strong feeling that we may break the STEEM all time high record today.

Especially since the ongoing BTC dump is causing some high transaction volume on the DEX.

Woohoo, can't touch this!

What exactly does the sweat-o-meter's CUI measure?
Do you know what the mining fee rate is currently to transact in bitcoin or ether?

Bubble in cyrpto vs Real Estate bubble...?

We also wrote about why more transactions for a cryptocurrency are counter-intuitively bad for the crypto price, which you can find on our blog.

information you need to know for steemit and bitcoin players
useful postings thank forb resteem...

Hey Stan great news. Haven't time to watch your last few videos on Bluerock.... can you explain what is the difference between Bitshares 2.0, bench and Bitshares 3.0. Is bench a completely different blockchain with its own coin ? Thanks

I'll write about it when I get a Round Tuit.

Cheers Stan ! Enjoyed the pre trib lecture too !

Woow.. Just see how much steems are

Stan, this is unrelated but I have no other way to reach out. My town, Grand Forks BC, was just hit by a devastating flood and many, many people have lost their homes. So my question is, since you're somewhat of an authority, what might be the best way using crypto to help these folks out. I remember you talking about Big Heroic Audacious Goals and such. How to raise funds for disaster relief? Issue a coin on the Bitshares platform? Do you have any ideas?

@Stan... The erratic nature of cryptocurrencies can't be easily predicted. The hierarchy changes due to the amount of people using it. I think people made use of Bitshares in large quantities which brought an advantage to them. So I won't be surprised if steemit overcome bitshares. It just depends on the activities and the amount of people using it. Thanks for sharing this valuable information @stan. Please I would love to ask a question. Do you have any idea how I can transform my bitshares amount into money?

Thanks for share this post . Upvote and resteemed it . Thanks

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