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China just released its version of the Token Exchange Self Regulating Body ( Clean List. BitShares was safely on it. The panic they caused out of crypto assets a few days ago seems to have reversed!

Chinese Press Release

Here's the translation:

BTS made the Chinese exchange CLEAN LIST

Dear Cloud User :
Through the study of the People's Bank of China and other seven ministries "on the prevention of tokens issued by the risk of financing," the spirit of the policy , the coin network in the careful discussion decided to use all the ICO way off the block chain asset transactions. The block chain assets that will be traded on the next line include QTUM, GXS, EOS, ANS, DGD, 1ST, GNT, REP, SNT, OMG, PAY, LUN, VEN . The chain-chain assets that are about to resume trading include : BTC, ETH, ZEC, SC, BCC, ETC, BTS .
Specific business adjustment methods are as follows :
All users in the market have been ordered to dismiss the order. For off-line block-chain assets , please apply for a platform as soon as possible. Cloud coins will net 2017 Nian 9 Yue 7 Ri 0:00 recovery is not off the assembly line block chain asset transactions , you can re-pending transactions in the market ;
RMB recharge will continue to account properly. Due to the recent concentration of RMB is more concentrated , by the payment channel restrictions , the RMB arrival time may be slightly delayed ;
Not off the assembly line block chain assets will continue normal recharge accounted for , has been off the assembly line block chain assets of recharge will be stopped. Cloud network will be more than a day for users to batch processing all of the Tuyi application , the next line will be given priority treatment , off the line varieties of currency is not subject to limit , please wait patiently batch processing is completed ;
Thanks to all users for the support and help of cloud-currency network , cloud currency network will uphold an open and transparent business philosophy , under the guidance of regulatory authorities , continued compliance stable and secure operation.

This removes BitShares from the general cloud that overhangs all cryptocurrencies in China, and it appears the Chinese are fleeing to safety there.

Here's a great podcast, Part 2 of 2, where John Gotts and Michael Taggart talk about the problem and what the TXSRB is doing to help.


This is great news, thanks for sharing!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Valuable information and good news. thanks for your posting.
100% like and resteem

@stan who's behind TXSRB? No info on the website. Rather has the feel of the govt, a top-down faceless entity. And how can they have tethers on there when there's no actual USD backing it? Why should the clean list be trusted? (By the way, not arguing about BTS, agree it should be on any clean list)

bitUSD is backed by BTS. TXSRB is quite the group, no gubbermint involved. Clean list can be trusted as much as anything on the internet, but I would feel much better about holding tokens that are on any kind of clean list than not

I agree with that but there's still no info on who exactly is behind the group nor do they provide details on their suggested rules and regulations. Considering what they are doing, full disclosure is a must if they are to be taken seriously.

Read the Stokens whitepaper, good info there.

I'll check it out, thanks for sharing.

Ah,, makes sense now. No conflict of interest at all lol.

Stokens on Bitshares blockchain? heh

Not quite, Stokens a platform for regulated coins. Led by John Gott. He also heads the TXSRB. What a good idea, make a list of shit coins (whether its true or not) and new coins will flock to the Stokens platform. What can I say, it all smells a little fishy to me.

Ok thanks @g-dubs..following
"learn more about BitShares, the blockchain used by Stokens"

All self regulatory bodies start with a few industry players bringing together an alliance who build it brick by brick. John Gotts has gained the support of scores of industry leaders and is working it hard. Michael and I are among the original supporters. Spent a week with them in Idaho.

Thanks for the reply @stan. I think it would be beneficial to TXSRB to have John's profile on the website. Is there anywhere to get a look at the suggested rules and regulations? I still don't understand how USDT got on there? Any comments??? (And yes I know BitUSD is backed by BTS)

This is great news :)

I don't want to say goodbye to these prices! Bitshares are ON SALE. Get em while it's easy.


Regulators. The best promo there is.

good news,thanks to sharing..

Good new & good post

amigo #resteemia at your service

HODL HODL HODL HODL HODL, BitShare will be at moon soon. nice work @stan

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Yeah BTS has nothing to fear and that PBOC helped me to buy more BTS :D Now I am ready to see a new peak at $1 and in 2018 I wish to see it at $2000 ;)
Get ready guys! The next generation BTC is still undervalued ;)
Great post my dear friend! Thanks for sharing!


great news ,


Bankcoin Global
Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic
Lumens (Stellar)
Factoid (Factom)

Wating for l toxicoin list September 14 :)

Wow, this is so cool @stan, I've also done trading on poloniex which of course must see or learn about chart.

Great day to be a BitShares holder and advocate!

BitShares for liiiife!

I really enjoy when someone puts in the time to get out good valuable information like this.Thanks you got a upvote here!

Once again this proves that nothing is stopping crypto's!!! We are collectively changing the future, every steemian and crypto user will do their part to change the future of money!!!

So now the question is will bitshares keep the momentum and gradually go up and grow or will the hype of this news article go away and with it the momentum gained?

This is good news no lets continue making Cryptos

Thanks for this valuable information Good new

Well, now we can expect some growing of accepted cryptos. China made a big boom in recent days :)

Guys,keep holding your bitshares :)

yeh.but i do not buy it

Congrats! Have a strong recovery.

this makes me sad. I was going to go buy some bts at .10 cents and I got really busy at work. Now that I am back on my computer 2 days later the price is up.

Thanks for this valuable information and your many contributions !

Long live BTS!

post is very useful thank for share @stan

Good news , too technical things, I want to read and understand it carefully...

Thanks for the great article. Let us see how it would impact future exchange values for different coins.

The ones with the stamp of approval will surge for sure.

This is great news, thanks for @stan

Good stuff. I've been holding that for a while.

It's one of the security levels that China needs to build. the newly released version is also useful for us to list Clean Regulatory Agency Exchange Self Regulating Orders (

@crypto asset is also awesome for us to use in block chain version

Great news for BTS!

interesting, thanks for sharing

Yes, that podcast was solid. I've found the Future Tech podcast to be one of my favorite. It's probably has the best inverse relationship to production value and content. It's 100% content in easy to listen small chunks.

I highly recommend it. -

They're also running a BTC, ETH & Blockchain superconference in early 2018 in Dallas.

wooww !! I did not know. Thanks for the information @stan
Resteem now!!!!

This is excellent news!

I have some bitshares tucked away and can see good times in the future 😁

That is well eritten material and wonderful details , I enjoyed it.
thanks for sharing.
I have the pleasure to follow you.

This is a really good new for the people who hold this cryptocurrency!

Awesome. Upvoted. now I need some Birshares .... where do I buy Bitshares

From what i understand these ICO crack downs are fair in my book.

1.25B this year raised in China through icos.. just a guess here but i betcha half of that was a scam lol.. they want to stop people getting ripped off.

BTW i just noticed you are posting alot of info about bitshares.. i am currently looking into throwing some money here.. will follow you for more info :)

The dip is our one and only Friend :)

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about BitShares. Thanks and good luck again!

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