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Dear BitShares community,

the latest BitShares UI release candidate has been published (Version 3.3.191120-rc1) and staged onto

Release notes for this candidate as well as binaries for a local install can be found at

This release has been delayed a bit, but is now finally available. This will likely be the last release of the BitShares UI worker as it is now, see here for more details.

A vast amount of bugfixes have been completed, and new features added. Highlights are:

  • Spotlight Instant Trade: You just wanna buy (or sell) a certain asset, and simply wanna use going market prices? Then this easy and simply interface is just for you. Try it here
  • Spotlight Prediction Market Assets: This tailored page for the decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol of BitShares. Forecast real-world events and be rewarded for predicting them correctly. The feature set is vast, best to try it here
  • Spotlight Merchant Protocol: The merchant protocol allows you to create and pay invoices, recorded on the BitShares Blockchain. Try it here
  • Enhanced Referral Program: Tracking cookie is put in place to make sure the initial referrers are honored
  • External Service Providers can now be enabled / disabled to allow users to customize according to their favorites, and reduce unnecessary external calls to enhance performance. Find it in the Settings
  • If you have experienced connection issues, you can now restrict the UI to only consider nodes that you know are giving you good connectivity
  • Lots of user interface improvements to the Dashboard (added customization to the overview as well), the Voting Overview, the Collaterized Debt Position handling and the Exchange

History and discussion of this and past release candidates are also posted in the forum

Any and all comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated! If you are interested in participating in Integration testing, please find more information in the corresponding issue here.

Best regards,
The BitShares UI team


good stuff

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