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Dear BitShares community,

the latest BitShares UI release candidate has been published (Version 3.1.190618-rc1) and staged onto

Release notes for this candidate as well as binaries for a local install can be found at

Among other bugfixes are:

  • Spotlight HTLC: You can now use Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLC) directly in the UI to execute completely trustless Atomic Cross Chain Swaps (ACCS). This allows all BitShares assets to participate in any HTLC service out there, try it out here
  • Support for Market Fee Sharing: Asset owners (in particular Gateway operators) can define that a percent of all market fees of an asset is funneled through the referral rewards program, creating another big incentive for web admins to onboard new users into BitShares.
  • Enhancement to user security and scam awareness: Proposals are now clearly rendered if the account would be comporomised, and a general news headline can be displayed ontop of the UI. First one will be a warning of the proposal scam!
  • Enhancement for everyday traders: Open orders grouping, multiple orders in-exchange cancellation and refined history export
  • Freshening up of the default templates
    • Light
    • Dark
    • Midnight

History and discussion of this and past release candidates are also posted in the forum

Any and all comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated!
If you are interested in participating in Integration testing, please find more information in the corresponding issue here.

Best regards,
The BitShares UI team

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