BitShares UI release candidate - 181031

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Dear BitShares community,

the latest BitShares UI release candidate has been published (Version 20181031-rc1) and staged onto

Release notes for this candidate as well as binaries for a local install can be found at

Among other bugfixes are:

  • Finally the new exchange (again!). Please play around and find the new "Personalize" feature, it allows you do get closer to a Binance-like view
  • More sophisticated node selection strategy that takes the hardcoded location into account and allows background latency checks
  • Foundation dependencies were removed and transitioning to framework is started. Please report any ugliness you may find

History and discussion of this and past release candidates are also found in the forum

Any and all comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated!

Best regards,
The BitShares UI team


Right the moment when these guys are going to be paid for results, we are going to see some progress. Until then more crappy and crappy UI will be delivered.

Untrue. UI has only improved, and it is hindered being the 'reference wallet' which needs every single feature. Community UI is also underway, that is another more user friendly and stripped to essentials, on the way.

I agree 100%. Finally seeing other versions appearing, but none I like better than ref wallet design thus far, which I am not what I call "in love" with.

My preference would be a UI / UX like Exodus wallet (but with much better security ofc).

Basic transfer, portfolio and some type of shapeshift style of conversion built in, perhaps via atomic swap / HTLC (BSIP44).

If I want to trade (fairly rare for me) I would prefer to use a wallet more dedicated to that purpose. Trading is far more complex an activity that what I outlined above.

There is sooooo much functionality in the ref wallet / BitShares it screams to be split into smaller, easier to manage and maintain, easier to market, more quality for each niche piece.

Please do voice what you see getting worse and worse, and what you suggest to change in the process to help tackle that

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