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Dear BitShares community,

the latest BitShares UI release has been prepared (Version 180720) and staged onto

Release notes for this candidate as well as binaries for a local install can be found at

Among many other bugfixes are:

  • Introduction of branding.js, a simply way to create your own UI clone with basic branding. This includes logo, project name, markets, gateways and login selection. It gives incentive to existing exchanges to keep their wallets up-to-date and maybe even upstream their own deeper branding aspects into the public repository by realizing the synergies. Up-to-date wallets are better for security, and it doesn't matter which BitShares powered exchange gets hacked, it is still bad publicity
  • More sophisticated reconnect strategy: The UI now recognizes if the connection goes stale or out of sync, notifies and automatically reconnects if node auto-selection is enabled. Furthermore manually pinging all nodes has been introduced as a new feature

Please feel free to give it a try, and if you find inconsistencies report them as a GitHub issue or as comment here. This release candidate will be pushed on the 20th of July and replace the current release Version 180629.

History and discussion of this and past release candidates are also found in the forum

Best regards,
The BitShares UI team (


I think it will be well received.

Looks great, keep up the excellent work!

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