STEEM and BTS, still the most steadfast and realiable Blockchains around! EOS incoming :)

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Hey all,

Just wanted to issue a friendly reminder about how amazing STEEM and BitShares are.

EOS will soon be on this list and will share the spotlight, but for now.. let's focus on how amazing BitShares and STEEM are, especially when compared to other existing blockchains.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the pictures below, you should check out this site to view some very important stats about some of the common blockchains. I will break down a little bit for you here, to help everyone see the big picture and the importance.

The first thing I would like to point out is that STEEM is processing twice as many transactions as any other blockchain. You can see this under the 'Activity' column. If you add up STEEM and BitShares, they currently process more transactions than the rest of the blockchains listed all combined.

But then why are other blockchains over or near capacity while BTS and STEEM are less than 1% utilized?

Please take note of the CUI Graph on the right and you can see that STEEM and BitShares are utilizing well under 1% of their blockchain capacity. Compare them to other coins and you will see a massive difference.

High activity while utilizing a low percentage of blockchain capacity makes for a very efficient blockchain, which is ready to scale into the future.

Please see the pictures below which visually represent my point:

Then take a look at the legacy blockchain, Bitcoin, which is encumbered yet again:

And then we have ETH. Ever wondered why it takes so long for your ETH to send? And also why it costs so much to send some tokens?

Here's why:

I hope everyone now understands why BitShares and STEEM are ready to scale into the future, while other existing blockchains (BTC and ETH) are really not.

Thank you for your amazing tracking service. I wish more people used this site and learned the truth, then STEEM and BTS would gain the fame they deserve.

Thanks for reading,
As always.. wishing you MASSIVE PROFITS.



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Great breakdown spif! Keep em coming :)

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It's a good informative post. Thnks sir.

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