BitShares Incident Report from 10th of July; Mandatory Update Released

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On the 10th of July at 9:00 AM UTC BitShares Experienced an unplanned interruption

The BitShares DEX had an unplanned block producing interruption on the 10th of July. All prior versions of the BitShares servers have been affected by a bug that caused a memory corruption.

The issue was related to a new new bitasset having not being fully approved which used a flat_index::remove command, the very first time used in the history of the platform, which wasn't intended to be used. Instead of removing the element from the container it only zeroed one entry of it, resulting in the error.

Very responsive development team

The development team of BitShares was very quick to release a 5 line patch that switched from using flat_index to generic_index, resolving the whole issue.


First of all there was an immediate release of version 2.0.170710 of BitShares one the patch was approved, an update that all nodes are required to update to.

Second the BitShares Foundation has set up a mailing list to increase the reach to witnesses and members of the backend to be quickly alerted on future incidents.

You can read the full Incident Report on BitShares Foundation

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